Monday, September 26, 2011

Little Mexico

So I thought there were lots of hispanics in Smyrna, Well I found little mexico the area im in "chamblee" is probably 98% hispano. Everyone says its the "best area"  I've enjoyed it so far!!
We have two super legit Investigators! M is the mother of 3 and has had a horrible life, not going into detail but lets jsut say i don't know ANYONE else who has had to deal with the things she has. We teach her at a recent convert (less actives) house so its helping everyone, the RC/LA family is getting strengthened and our investigator has friends to support them, they live in the same complex so it works out great. She came to church yesterday and we met with her last night, she now has a baptismal date for the 15th of october, very excited for her she needs the gospel to heal her wounds and to bring blessings into her life.
C is 17, he just moved here from kentucky, he was almost baptized there, but not sure what happened he started holding study groups in the park with all his friends and the missionaries he said alot of his friends got baptized over there before he did haha. He said in our last lesson he would be baptized....the only problem is, he is 17 and his mom has jus been anti-ed like crazy and now she literally runs away when she see's us, C is legit though he told his mom that she is being dumb and needs to not listen to her friends and that she needs to find things out on her own, so hopfully that will sink in sometime.
There are some really cool members here.
Elder Montiel is super chill and we have been having a blast! Its super col having a native speaker! What even cooler is he is from california so he's not weird haha.
He is like 5'6'' but he played volleyball in high school, last sport i would have guessed!
Its been super great! I've had a blast this week and next week looks even better, I'll get to go back to smyrna for 2 or 3 wekends in a row, We were asked by the branch there to come to day of nations and peform a song with the other elders there and then J and E are getting Married then baptized the next weekend(family i spent alot of tiem with super awesome) and then elizabeth is getting baptized the week after that, So October will be a busy month!!
How is everyone doing? Jared so glad to hear you passed pass-offs thats awesome! Brenen how is LaX? Guppy I miss you! Dad the hunts are soon! I want pictures!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Transfer Week

Cannot believe it is here already! Cannot believe its been six weeks already! I don't want this transfer to be over, I don't wanna leave here. We find out tonight who is staying and who is going. I really hope I stay here!
 This week was great. E and her family is still going strong! M the 11 year old is probably the weirdest 11 year old in the whole wide world but i love him. He told me that he has been praying to God to get a "mission" to fight monsters with a sword in the name of God hahaha, He watches tons of syfy channel and does not realize that it is not real haha. He also asked me if the grim reaper is real! haha I love that kid to death! He reminds me so much of Brenen, Only Brenen is not AS weird haha! We are getting a new Gospel Principals teacher finally! G, he has been home from his mission for a year. He went a mission 1 year after he was baptized he left when he was 26. Such a boss man!
 He went on a team up with us to E and it was so good, He is probably the best teacher i have ever seen. Granted we didnt get to talk much but it went really well! He loves going out with the missionaries so much when we called he immediatly said yes i'll go then realized that he had a date to go to a family party with his fiance, he blew her off and came with us! He said he needs to be out with the missionaries and that she understands and only didnt talk to him for one day so its fine!
 Its been a really good transfer so far, we have 3 baptizms that will happen in the next couple weeks and we are teaching another family we found which is a part member family, pretty sure he forgot he ever was a member until we showed up haha, so hopefully we can activate him and baptize his wife and 6 kids, they are such a cool family!! all the kids except like 2 have ADD or ADHD so they are crazy all over the place ha super funny, but the 3 oldest are like the best kids ever so she is hoping the older the little ones get they will learn to calm down haha. She grew up inbrooklyn and then puerto rico, her husband and step son are from puerto rico. Haha Funny, Awesome family! Mom if you ever thought your kids were crazy I have met SOOOOO many that are worse than we ever were, consider yourself lucky!! We were angel children compared to the ones i've met here! hahaha
 So you basically crushed my day here when you told me BYU lost that badly, It didnt start til 9:15 here so there was no way i ws gonna get to sneak and watch it hahahaha, How can you beat ol mis only lose to texas by 1 point and then get killed by utah who is not that awesome! stupid BYU always messing it up, they are epic chokers! Mom I might need you to send me a byu t-shirt so i can still support them from way out here! all you ever see is Georgia, Georgia Tech and Auburn I hate all of those teams They needs some cougar blue down here!!
 Except if they lose like that again i might not want to support them, They better not lose ever again, tell Brother Dupex I hold him personally responsible if they have a crappy season! even though he's only over the running backs haha he;s just the only one i know to blame!
I hope everything is going great back home! Brenen you need to keep me updated on Lax its so big out here haha, its either football, futbol, or Lax thats about the only big sports here haha. Love you all love Tanner,
PS i kow cindy reads these I know you love that Utah won, BYU is still better no matter how bad they get beat down by utah! Next year Cndy, Next year!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Long Week Short Email

                              Elder Heimuli and Tanner (elder H has nicked named Tanner "prince")

We had a good week. E and her kinds A and Ml have a date for the 24th of september. Ml is 11 and they were catholic before. We asked him to pray and her blessed the we could live with God the Virgin mary and Joseph smith when we go to heaven. It took alot not to bust up laughing it was so sincere and a good prayer until that part. Aleast he understands Joseph Smith. Ml loves church he is dressed and ready every week the second Sacrament meeting is over he runs off to class and we don't see him til it is time to come home he loves it. He is super smart he reminds me alot about Brenen and Jared. He has a hard time getting things out but knows alot and is super smart. We watched the Jeffery R Holland Book of Mormon talk and he asked us where Joseph smith is barried and if apostles and Prophets are the only ones who can touch that book of mormon Elder Holland uses in his talk(the first edition one from carthrisge) he watches to much syfy and history chanel so he asks wierd off subject questions but loves church and loves the gospel He is an awesome kid!
E did quit her so she oculd come to church has put in a lot of applications but the faith this woman has in jsut out of this world she is such and awesome lady!
it was a great week we taught elizabeth about prophets in relation to the book of mormon and after the talk of jeffery holland she decided to read she really wants to know what is in the book now as we left we asked her to pray she asked god to help Tomas s Monson and the Apostles lead this church. It blew my mind. she totally understood all that we taught that day and how important prophets and apostles are. She is just the coolest lady every! so blessed to get the chance to meet here
Hope every one is well
Love tanner