Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I think I am beginning to see a trend here.

This last week was so long. So aggravating. A lot of things happened. A lot of things that I can't really go into detail with.
It was a great week, a hard week, But really good.
 We had those up and down moments. Someone we have been working a lot decided that life was too hard and that smoking and drinking are something they needed. So we did everything we could to help. After a very long hard day I hit my knees. Prayed honestly like I never have prayed and My prayers were answered. It was a very spiritual and uplifting experience. Very personal as well. Last week at this point seems so far away I am having trouble remembering everything that happened. Cartersville is just one big blur as soon as that week passes it just thrown into the Cartersville Pile in my mind haha.
Yea! It's a package from home
We made a big "quit smoking pack" for some one else we have been working with a lot. We got a ton of tic tacs, life savers and made 40 signs that say "today I decide to not smoke" and made a GIANT poster board one. Slowly but surely she started cutting back. Some days are better than others but slowly and surely she progressively cutting back. Today (Wednesday) she called us over and handed me her last pack that only had 4 smoked out of it and she said take them I don't want them. Get them out of here. A lot of things lead up to this. We had the chance this week to give like 5 blessings. Each one was very powerful. That is one of my favorite things to do. You are able to feel God's love for that person. One blessing stood out to me the most. It was for the lady we made the stop smoking pack for. She asked for help. She was having a really rough time with a lot of things in her life. The blessing was so powerful, and since then she has really started to cut back.
I have always said you know God loves you when He answers your prayers, You know god trusts you when you are the answer to someones prayers. Helping people and making even just a little  difference makes all of these rough hard times here so worth it. Every day is rough, every day also has an experience that gets me through it.
I hope every one is doing great. Sorry its so short Just too much to talk about and not enough time.
Love you all

 Lots of ups and downs in Cartersville
Love Elder Charlesworth