Friday, January 20, 2012

Craziest Week Ever

I don't even know where to start. This week was out of control!! To start things off I went on exchanges with Cassville Elders, Elder F went here with Benedict and then I went with S to his area. We went and ate dinner at a Less actives house who's son just decided he needed to go on a mission. We ate GIANT shrimp and you all know how much i love sea food, especially shrimp they were like the size of my hand i wish i would have taken a picture!! Then things went back to normal for a couple of days well like one DAY.
 Friday I had to go down to Peach Tree city for a Training meeting so I slept over at the zone leaders house with Elder Wood my first comp. He is a district leader in Rome the next town over about 25 miles away. We all stayed up way to late talking and catching up we woke up at six and left at six thirty and drove to Acworth to meet another District Leader and get a ride down with a member in that ward, GUESS WHAT?? I met Santa Clause!! The man who drove us is a real Santa Clause he does stuff for the biggest malls in America has posters up in malls around the world, he is like the real deal, Beard, Tummy, Everything! So he told us about being Santa the WHOLE two hours down to Peach Tree which was interesting but he talked sooo much haha. That was not all the craziness. During our meeting President Gonzalez from the 70 decided to show up to our meeting and teach us a little bit. (general authorities can do whatever they want) so after a meeting that went from 9 to 4 we left with the APs to do a few errands. I never want to be AP that would suck, so much errand running, dealing with stupid missionaries, so not for me!! We ran around town for awhile and then finally about 7 we left for home again, The APs had to come up because of some crazy stuff that went down in my District.
I've known it was possible for awhile but it finally happened. This Elder in my district had to go home for some medical issues which cause an ET (emergency transfer) to happen in my District. Elder Foote went to another district his companion came with me and Benedict (he is english so he just sits there and says nothing, poor guy) and another elder came up to file the Elder who left spot. Its been a crazy one let me tell you!

 I talked C into coming up for the long weekend,s one drove all the way back up from Athens (3 hours away) so its been a good weekend none the less, got some lessons in, taught A. That Lady just totally gets it. Her boyfriend won't listen to us at all, or even listen to her. He asked her why she reads this book (BOM) because its not the bible and she said because it teaches me abut Christ more, it only teaches me good things, how could it be bad then she tried to read it to him and he left the room. she was telling us how people need to pay attention to us, she says she knows how hard we work and how ignorant and rude people are that we get doors slammed in our face and etc. but that what we are doing is good and she will keep investigating because she loves learning! she just gets it, she is so awesome!!! I love teaching her because she reads, and she says if she does not understand something she reads it again, she is already in 2nd Nephi on her own, we have not put any pressure on her at all. She Is the best!
 We were informed yesterday at church we were doing a youth fireside for the Cassville Ward( Elder F forgot to tell us before he left)
so we went over, they had us share where we were before the mission and what influenced us to get on the mission. It was really good, we took two prospective elders with us, C and J they both loved it. They also did a question panel they all wrote a question and then then we pulled it from a bowl and answered it. It was actually a lot of fun. I hope that it helped some of the youth.

So right now I am still exhausted from this hectic week and so glad its P-day! Time to Dormirme thats for sure.

I did have a pleasant surprise this week, the Dustin's from home took us to BBQ street(way good place) thanks to an email sent to them they knew i was really close (thanks mom) it was a lot of fun chatting with them. Talked about his mission, whats going on here with our mission and just about random stuff. It was such a good breathe of air after the crazy week, just got to unwind and eat the Spare ribs and Big Sweet potato (you know i love those) it was great! 
Giddy to see Elder H

  A fantastic dinner with the Dustins, Elder Benedict and Saavedra

"what's up guys?"