Monday, March 5, 2012

**Tanner had to have a plantar wart removed off of the bottom of his foot last week. He is supposed to have the other foot worked on in the next couple of weeks.

This is what serious missionary work does to your feet.
The surgery went well. It is healing at a crazy ridiculous rate. I will send pictures soon, just forgot the camera today. I had a nickle sized hole in my left foot and it was a good couple inches deep. The hole is already filled up. Its not healed yet but the hole is filled in less than a week. Pretty crazy!! I have not even had any pain, even after the numbness wore off. Its uncomfortable to walk on so i have been wearing slippers haha pretty funny but hey no one has even said anything or if they did i just said I had surgery and then its all good!
This was a very long long week. Had surgery and then couldn't do a whole lot for a couple days. We worked and I just got yelled at the whole time for being out and on my foot. Oh well no problems with it and I'm fine! So don't worry! Still waiting for that get well soon package hahaha just kidding. I don't need anything I'm doing great.
 The rest of the weekend was spent mostly packing and cleaning the apartment. We visited some people in between but that apartment was wild! It has been a 4 man apartment for around 3 or 4 years so there was so much random junk!!
I have bad news :( because we were moving and I'm tight with the AP's they told me who was leaving this transfer. Klus is gone and I am staying here for another one. So basically I have a feeling I will be senior companion for the rest of my mission and the "easy life" is totally gone. No crutches, just me trying not screw up the freshly trained kids.
 I am very sad Klus is leaving me. He was really starting to come along. Open up and talk to people. Such a  good kid He is like a little brother to me. I am going to miss him and worry about him when he leaves.
Armies of the Lord?
I did realize something though. Well was thinking about it the other night. That God puts all these people and experiences in our way to shape and mold us, also to shape and mold other people. So it is my goal to always do what God wants. Be shaped and to shape and help others the way God wants me to. To "give and take" what God wants from me. Its not easy. My own selfish desires get in the way. I think we all struggle with that. I have said it many times before though God will always give us what we need not what we want. If we align our lives with God though we will understand and everything can be "easier" not easy but easier. The mission is not easy at all. It is simple though. Very direct and straight forward what we need to do what our job is and how to get it done. As "men" we get in the way of that and complicate it. Life is not that complicated either though when you think about it. Its when we make it a big deal that we get overwhelmed. One day at a time and it will all work out. I will be feeding myself my own advice all of this next Transfer.....Wish me luck!!!
Jared good job in California. Sorry you had a couple rough patches. Keep working though its going to be alright!
Glad you all got back safe. I love you
Dad consider getting a real GPS its so worth it. Trust me!!
ps... I also forgot to mention the crazy weather we had!! We had Tornado's warnings all Friday night. It was insane. Sirens going off all over. A Tornado touched down in the town next to us and there was all this warning going on people were hiding in shelters and everything. Then the storm shifted up north it was headed straight for us at full speed Tornados and everything then it just went north and the cold front dropped and took most the momentum with it so the storm calmed big time, the only thing we got was tons and tons of rain that night it poured. The lighting stuff is really cool though its purple and lights up the whole sky and well its a little bit scary when they announced to seek shelter Klus and I went on our deck to watch it. He said he was pretty worried I just thought it was cool! haha we all survived didn't even have to hide in the bath tub!!!
I really am not a huge fan of the South, I'll be honest... I'll stick my my west coast weather please!

Love Elder Charlesworth

Papa Bear

This week was really slow. Elder Klus was very, very sick with the flu or something like that. So we spent almost the whole week in the apartment. We did get out a little bit are were able to do some service for the L Family. We painted the walls that we sanded a couple weeks ago, We did it green and brown it actually looks really good!
Just a Warning this one will probably be really short. It was a very tolling last couple days. I'll explain why.
After Elder Klus started feeling a bit better we went to church. It was a pretty decent Sunday, very calm the usual slow Sunday (especially with 5 hours of church) During Sunday school Aunt R texted us and said the Papa bear (her dad Gene) still was not feeling better from last night. He was Parkinsons and Lou body Demensia. He said he was feeling really dizzy, he didn't get up until 12 pm he is normally awake at 4am. So we told her we would leave the second class was over. We ran over there and he just didn't look right. Aunt T started to clean out his ears with peroxide to help make him not so dizzy. Soon after she finished his eyes glazed over and I knew instantly what it was from seeing Brennen have them so much, he went into a seizure. It only lasted about 2 minutes until he fully came out of it. The first thing he said when that happened was "where's my boys at?" he calls us missionaries his boys. We called an ambulance and they were going to take him to the Rome hospital about 25 miles away then R said oh shoot he can't go there, if he gets there and realizes his missionaries are not there he will flip. He needs his boys.
We got there shortly after he had got into a room and there we stayed until late that night. He has never had a seizure before so they are trying to figure out what caused it. All the tests have come back with nothing so far.
Even after all this has happened G is still in there making us all laugh our heads off. He is so witty at times, its so funny. We sure love our Papa Bear.
The Hospital did bring some very interesting experiences though. We walked out into the waiting room to let a couple more people go in to visit him. The first thing we see and hear when we walk out is a doctor trying to talk to two spanish guys. He asked if they speak english and he said "no" so I said "hey I speak spanish" the Doctor got kinda freaked out like what the white kid speaking spanish? So I translated for him. His hip joint hurt so bad he couldn't walk and he has not had an injury to cause it. As we were sitting in the waiting room still, they got called up to check in so iasked if they wanted help again. The kid who was hurt has been here from Guatemala for less than two months, he  speaks zero english.
We started walking back towards the room when a guy grabbed us and asked what church we were from. We told him and he asked if we could say a prayer with his wife. A horse had fallen on her and she shattered her ankle. She said the horse hit a ditch and then just rolled on her. She told us she needed our help real bad because she has 3 kids to take care of that are in elementary school. She asked for a blessing. We explained the two parts and what the priesthood is and then gave her a blessing. Its interesting to me how people turn to God mostly in time of need. We are all guilty of it. Something goes wrong then its "oh,hey I need help, I guess I'll start praying, start relying no God now" He will always help us no matter how much we have not looked to him leading up to that time of need. She thanked us and we went on out way to get back to G.
The hospital was a great experience despite what took us there. We went by to see him this morning and he had been telling all the nurses about us starting at about 6 am he says "the men in black will be here soon" "those are my boys" "they call me Papa Bear" He is such a strong saint. He is doing well and he is ready to get out of the hospital as of last night. He is such a brute.
Spreading the "light of the Gospel?"
Cute cake made by a member
Keep Papa Bear in your prayers please. And Elder Klus, he goes in for an Echo Cardiogram today. He has been having chest pains really bad and based on his family health history they want to make sure its nothing serious.
We are doing good though.He is not sick anymore and we are still working hard (well trying too, this week was rough) it is so much harder to stay in the apartment all week than it is to work all week. Working is so much better.
Love you all, Jared go kick some butt in Cali at that meet of yours. Tell him he had better win so I can brag about him!!
Send my love to everyone
Love Elder Charlesworth