Monday, October 31, 2011

Last week of the transfer

I got to go to the temple on Friday, I did a spanish session. I Understood almost everything.....almost! It was really nice to go to the temple, we can only go every six months. This week was fun. We went to the temple had a Branch fall party that no one showed up to until 2 hours after it started. But it was still fun. Then yesterday no one came to church not even the Branch President it was so odd, We started 20 minutes late, no one was there until right before it ended i dunno it was different than i'm used to. V and N some less actives that are 18 and 20 moved back to California. Vince was here to earn money to go on a mission they have been members for about 2 years. His bishop called and said that they have a bunch of families in the ward who will pay the monthly fee and to get home so he can get the process started. Gonna miss those guys they went out with us everyday They are like little brothers I guess in a way.
Sorry to hear no one shot anything(well brought anything home, Dad... can't believe you lost ANOTHER Buck what is that number 6 on the rock alone?) I'm not gonna lie I'm pretty upset at you all i wanted some nice pictures of a big ole buck! Did you guys go up to the Rock or where did you go?
 Well we get calls tonight to see who stays and goes, i am probably gonna be thrown out of the city because they are training six new spanish elders and they like to train them in the city.So I will probably get thrown into the country side where i have to actually do spanish study for a whole hour if i wanna learn anything here in the city if I miss a day its okay because I talk it all day most people don't speak English or i don't talk to them in english even if they can speak it.
 I have really liked this area. Lots of work and its a fun area being downtown!
Love and miss you all hope you get lots of candy!!!!
Love Tanner

*note from "the mom" Tanner gets to stay in Chamblee.  He was very surprised but excited.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Wedding Weekend!

Elder Charlesworth and Elder Heimuli and the happy family

This is called the Serpiente del mar (snake of the sea) you run around the gym holding hands and try to knock the bride and groom off the chairs (the women were unable to do so) so the men go crazy and they go flying super cool tradition!!!

Saturday I was able to go back to my old area(Smyrna) for the Baptism and wedding for J and E.They asked me to say the prayer at the baptismal service J has been waiting a very long time to be baptized. He has been a "dry member" for like 9 months waiting for a divorce to finalize so he can get married and be baptized. The wedding was a blast! He has been taught for so long that there were around 12 elders there, Hispanic weddings are way more fun than American weddings that's the truth! More food, dancing and fun!!
 The Transfer is almost over, just like 9 days left or something like that. Time really goes by so fast! I love it!
We getting getting referrals for addresses that don"t exist or the people don't live there its been super fun let me tell you haha. But the people we have been teaching is going really good. M came to church on Sunday and we might do the baptism next Sunday but we are debating on whether to hold it off or not because of her current living condition, the house she is in (the people in the house) are totally opposite of what a new member needs. So we are just playing it by ear and seeing what she wants to do.

we have been teaching this lady M, she is super cool and very accepting, but is the kind of person that you can't push anything on or she will back away, she cooks for us every time we go over and participates in every lesson she has tons of potential.
 At church on Sunday M's kids would not go to Primary so they got dumped on me to baby sit. (better i miss class than her) as i was watching them i was helping M (3) get off the stage and he bit my face!!! Just locked right onto my Cheek and would not let go, finally got the little pit bull off my face and set him down, then he went and punched his sister right in the mouth, HARD! gave her a bloody lip.  I don't know what it is but kids seem to keep biting me! Better than getting bit by dogs though!! Hope the hunts went well!! miss you all
Love tanner

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Weekly Update!

BYU won so thats the only good news from home i need to here haha.
Its was a good. We had a Priesthood activity on Friday which was a blast! we played soccer for like 5 hours and ate ceviche which is fish cooked in lime juice, like the lime juice cooks it! It is super good!! you eat it cold with hot rice. and then we played more soccer after that. The next day after church we did a Noche de Hogar (family night) with the branch. After a short lesson we taught them how to play signs. They had never heard of it before! it was a blast hispanics get so into things we really had a good time!

Elder Montiel -Tanner's latest comp (I think)
 Last week was so far away i forgot most of it cause its just the mundane stuff that happens everyday. Wake up study, teach, find, teach, eat too much food. then start all over again. I get bored  talking about all of that haha. I bet you get tired of hearing it.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Last week!

It's good being a nerd.

Bite from a 6 year old.

Good thing Tanner was already an Atlanta Braves fan before he left on his mission (Elder Reese from Idaho)

Day of Nations
We did service at the Temple on friday. We planted I'd say about 60,317 or so pansy's and double that in tulip bulbs. It took forever but it was a lot of fun. A member from my last area is the maintaince manager at the Temple so it was fun talking with him. Saturday night we went to Cunningham (my old Branch) and helped with the Dia da Naciones, It was so much fun. Saw all the old peeps from Smyrna. They even remembered me after 3 whole weeks haha. We sang "how can I be" super good song. We ate food from around the world and watched some dances from around the world (only the hispanic world) On Monday we had Zone P-day. We went to Piedmont park, it is a giant park down town Atlanta, pooring rain all we played soccer for 3 or 4 hours which was a blast.
 Its been a pretty productive last couple weeks. We've had lots of lessons and have been staying busy. The weather has turned for the worst and has been gross, foggy, rainy,chilly and stupid! I hate rain so bad! Waiting for my warm clothes package to come haha. Luckily its not super cold, just no sun and only rain. but i don't think its lower than 60 or 55 right now, but compared to what it was 2 weeks ago its super cold haha.
 How is everyone doing at home? Brener how is Lax? I am dying, i want to hunt so bad you lucky little guys, whos all hunting? all of them? Jerrs and Brener have blue cards now does that mean they are both hunting? Just going to say it right now, don't break my gun or scope! I have only shot that thing once! Its still a baby be gentle to the little guy. Kim already broke her face with it, next time you might break it you gonna get another scope ring tattoo this year? last time i checked those were not in style!
 We had to move our Baptisms for this sunday because of a bunch of stuff that happened, but its okay they will be soon!!!
The transfer is already half way over. time goes by so fast! can't believe christmas is almost here, christmas will be my 6 month mark! whats funny is tomorrow should really be my year mark! Things don't always go according to plan or the way we think they should go, But i suppose it will always work out in the end. It always has so far in my past don't see how this would be any different!
Love you all
Love Tanner

Monday, October 3, 2011

Conference Weekend

Conference was great. I really enjoyed it!
We had a busy week. Found a couple new people to teach so that was col. Have two people getting ready for baptism in 2 weeks!! Very excited for that
Other than being super busy teaching not a whole lot happened, got to go to a birthday party those are always fun. Ended up Squeezing about 100 or more limes so that was just a blast haha. I got your package mother thank you! I'm assuming Guppy put in the silly band! so thanks for that i love it! Sorry this is a boring email this week just don;t have tons to say just taught like 20 lessons and did some knocking and its been a lot of fun. Elder Monty and i just have a blast all the time. He is probably training next transfer becasue we have like 6 spanish coming in finally. So i will probably move to another area next transfer!
Hope everyone had a great week/weekend. Brenen good job on the win! Keep it up buddy boy!
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