Monday, September 10, 2012

FIRE, FIRE! or The Spirit of God Like a fire is Burning

Thank goodness some elders send pictures. Stole this from Elder H's blog. Elder C Elder Heimuli and Elder  Anderson

Everything is going well here in South. Just a couple Hurricanes and storms and major humidity no big deal right? They are sending members here to the hurricane so that they can help with clean up. I heard its pretty bad? Just hearing things from other people.

How is everyone doing? Everyone settled into school yet? So Jared has his license now huh? That is neat!!!

We didn't have that eventful of a week here. Did I ever tell you all about the Fire we were in? I don't remember if i did or not that since that happened nothing else has seemed super exciting haha. In case I didnt tell you all. We were sleeping.. you know like how you do when its 3 in the morning, when suddenly we are awoken by yelling and this annoying buzzing sound that wouldn't shut up no matter how hard I tried to black it out. Then the word FIRE rang an alarm in my head and also the Fireman Pounding on our door shouting "FIRE, FIRE, get out now" so we get open the door to a large plume of smoke and try to feel our way to the exit railing. We made it out got to the parking lot and realized that something right below our apartment was on fire. We were then interviewed and asked if we have any enemies or anyone who would like to cause us hard, We answered that we are missionaries and lot of people don't like. Then after the cop left I had to get in my sarcastic answer is was killing me not to say while he was there. "well we are servants of the Lord so Satan really hates us, He probably started it" Turns out it really was arson though. They have reward signs up for 10,000 dollars on any information leading to it. If they had not come when they did we would have had to jump out the windows or off the balcony because it was right below our front door and bedrooms. Thankfully the fire station is literally 100 yards away haha. Lucky eh?

We had another zone leader council with president snow on Friday. Those are the best meetings its form 9-4 and we just sit and talk and council together the whole time. We learn so much! This month we learned and studied and talked about a talk by Elder Christoferson in the September Ensign called how to strengthen your faith in christ on page 52 (look it up) it lays out the process an investigator needs to go through in order to be converted. This does not only apply to an investigator. Hes it is directed towards mission presidents in the mission president seminar. Why do you think they put it in the Ensign though? Because its for EVERYONE! We all need to apply the Gospel Of Christ in the same way. Repent! We broke it down and talked about what we need to do as missionaries to help people take the next step in that process! Its really a great talk it literally gives you the key to missionary work and or the key to building faith in christ so that you can have power and find exaltation, Pretty neat eh? (i'm using "eh" because my companion is from Canada and they really do say it a lot!) 

Things are going really good here though. Sadly president snow is leaving soon. On the 22nd president Harding is coming to take his spot as mission president and as sad as it is to see president snow go i am excited for president harding. They snows have met him many times and talk with him often and say only good things about him. 3 mission presidents thats neat eh?

I hope you all are doing great!!!! Miss you a love you, Jared still waiting for 1 letter from you, thats all i ask buddy 1 letter. Your 16 step up and be a many and just do it hahah.

Love Tanner