Monday, August 13, 2012

New companion

So.....This always happens to me. I am sent to areas to fix them or get sent companions who need help, or some sort of a thing like that. Elder Searle and I had really started to work great together. He had really stepped up and started to come out of his shell and then I got a call that President was making an emergency change and he would be sending me a new companion. Lucky Elder Searle got to go up to Chamblee!! My new companion is Elder Serrano. His parents are from Mexico but he grew up in California and Currently is from Arizona. Its really great having a native speaker. I don't have to do all the talking now. Its very even and shared now its really nice!

 This week was kind of rough teaching wise. We has members with us on a lot of days and no one was home. We have a lot of people that we are teaching who are working in Alabama so they get home really late some days.

We had a great experience on Tuesday though. We are teaching a few different people who are all neighbors to an English ward member. Even though they don't speak Spanish they are great friends with all of those that we are teaching and they really want them to get the blessings that come with being a member. We are only allowed to teach Preach my Gospel lessons when we have a member so we took A over the this family's house on afternoon. We taught the Restoration and then committed him to a day that he could be baptized. The Spirit was very strong. We asked the members to share their testimony and I translated it. Even though he could not understand the words that they said we all felt the Spirit that came with their testimonies. It filled the room and he could feel the love that these people had for him. These families are true examples of love your neighbor. They can't speak to each other. They show that they care by acts. Their neighbors cut their grass. Fix their roof. Bring them treats and things to eat they just help each other with out being asked. They love each other even though they can't understand what is said. Their served in Argentina and is a Branch councilor in our Branch so he has helped them translate at times but mostly its all acts and good deeds.
 We have been really focusing on getting the members to help us and they have started to really step to it. We are teaching them and their families and then committing them to helping us for the love of the Lord. We have had some neat experiences with that. We had fun helping the M family (one of my favorites here) make gum paste flowers(you use to decorate cakes) ill send pictures later I forgot my camera today but we had a lot of fun designing and then painting and molding these flowers just talking and having a great time. This Branch is really different than the Chamblee Branch. I really like it, but also miss Chamblee. Its really calm and peaceful which is really nice. Chamblee is full of energy and crazy kids. All the kids here are very well behaved and the Spirit can be felt in Church. The Branch here is really small but they are fantastic and are on the climb up to greatness! 

I hope you all have had a great weekend. good luck with starting school. Mom send me some pics of brenens lax tryouts if you have any! I had a dream about a tool that i could make him to help practice shooting goals. Maybe i'll draw it up and dad could make it. Or i'll just do it when i get home (when ever that is)

Love you all!!!

Love Tanner