Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Firm in the Faith

MOM note: Tanner only has 22  days left! It seems like the closer he is to coming home the shorter his letters are. I'm told this a sign he  really is pushing hard to the end and not  just tired of writing to me!
Every other day or so Brenen will quietly come to me and say "24 days" or whatever amount is left. He doesn't say anything else, I take it to mean he is pretty excited for Tanner to return but doesn't want to make a big deal about it.  Tanner and Kaydie have it planned that she gets first hug and I get the second one. I'm not sure how I feel about the plan ;) 

L got baptized!!! The members all kept saying that we accomplished what no other set of missionaries has not be able to do. She has been taught by like 5-6 sets of missionaries over the past year and a half or so. I myself had even taught her in the past. Well the Spirit of the Lord touched her and it was finally her time. We really didn't do anything special or anything that any set of missionaries couldn't have done. It was her time. The biggest reason she was baptized is because of the MEMBERS, yes the members. They never gave up on her. They loved her, and kept her part of their lives until the Spirit finally spoke to her and she was ready to give up her old live and join the army of God! She is doing great. The service was was neat! the Spirit was felt very strong.
The V are still doing awesome. They had to work this weekend so their kids were not able to be baptized but they will be soon. We were over last night and L made us dinner, with out telling us he was going to so we had already just eating. He does that to us too much. SOOOOO we ate again. It was really good but wow I was way too full. He started telling us how he had read all of 1st Nephi. He acted out the story of when they go and get the plates. It was so funny and so nice to see that he is really applying the scriptures to his life. He told us the whole story perfectly. He also told us how he had been praying because he has diabetes and every 3 months he goes to the doctor and the doctor gets mad cause his sugar is to high and he didn't lose any weight. We he said that he prayed this week, and then at worked he started helping a lot of other people with their jobs because they were so busy that he stayed late and went early just to help people. He said the doctor was so impressed this time. He had lost 3 pounds his sugar was the lowest its ever been and in fact it was at a normal level. The doctor took away some of the pills and said keep it up. He was so happy and every time we go over he has a story like that. He is so firm in the faith.
those were the big things that happened this week. A lot of good stuff did happen though. We had a lot of little miracles that will bring to pass great things. For now I am just focused on finishing strong and getting as much done as possible in my last 3 weeks!
Hard to believe but its coming to an end. President told me though if I don't get the zone to meet their goals this transfer I can't go home hahaha. SOooo pray that they do. He was just kidding (I think)
Love you all
Love Tanner