Monday, August 20, 2012

You can call me Knight Hawk

This transfer has blown by. I say that every transfer but this time I mean it even more so. 

Hearing about all of the sheep stuff sounds like fun! Next year you will all do better!! First year went pretty well.

Elder Searle

Making fondant roses. Oh the skills he will have when he comes home.

Corn snake 

So after the sudden change of companions things slowed down just a tiny bit. I went on exchanges with Elder Gautuvi (now to by) he is Samoan and from Bountiful. He graduated with elder heimuli actually! We had a really good time. He is a great Elder. He just wants to learn the "best practices" and eat up all he can to be a good missionary. We went to teach someone and they were not home it turns out one of the members in the English ward he serves  lives on the same street so we stopped in to ask if they knew any other Hispanics on the street or in the area that we could try to visit. (its hard to find hispanics here they are very spread out) Well turns out he has his Falconry Master cert. He has a red tailed hawk. I told him how brenen really wants to do falconry and they are so excited they starting telling me how great it is and how he needs to do it and that its so worth it. They are an incredible family. Both converts of many years now. They adopted one boy. He died at age 16 of brain cancer. The Gospel has really helped them through that. They have some incredible experiences and it was privilege to meet them. Oh yeah and I helped with the hawk. Brenen don't be to jealous. I printed out some pics of it that I'll send to him but I'll email them to you know. 

 We had some great teaching experiences this week. J and Y I think i've mentioned them before. They lost her mom and their one year old in the same accident only a couple months ago. They have so many deep and profound questions. I mean naturally they just lost their family. Seeing them get happier and happier over time has been very exciting. They are great, great people and the gospel has really been blessing them. They are moving along great now and really want to know whats true.

There is a gospel parallel somewhere in this picture
 Well I got some news last night. I will becoming zone leader here in this area and elder anderson (from canada) will be my companion. I have always wanted to serve with him, but because of the fact we are both older missionaries we have always been with younger or "help needed" missionaries. Neither of us have been zone leaders before and there have not been spanish zone leaders in well over a year. So we will get to learn how to be zone leaders together. He only has two transfers left so i might kill him off and be in this area for awhile. I am just so glad I didnt have to go english. They turned this area into the Zone leader area and we get to keep working spanish. I love the branch and love speaking spanish I really feel like I'm hitting that next level with it! And Elder Anderson and I have always gotten along plus he likes to work hard like I do so we are going to tear up this area I'm so pumped! 

The new transfer starts on Wednesday so I have couple more days to relax before even more responsability hits me!!! being a zone leader with someone else who has never been zone leader is going to be a fun experience. Trial and error, I have a feeling thats how we will learn most of it hahaha.

Love you all!!!!!!

Good luck in school! 

love tanner