Tuesday, January 10, 2012


The Weather here has been so strange. Foggy, wet, not much rain, humid, and warm. YUCKY!!
 The week went well though. We had a wonderful lesson with A and her Family. She might be one of the easiest people I have taught. She remembers everything!!! We asked her about Joseph Smith she told us everything you want to hear someone remember, even about the Book of Mormon. We then had a lesson with her. We showed the Restoration video so the kids would pay attention and they all really loved it. We had no plans of teaching her our plans had fallen through that day and we were in her area and it just happened, that didn't matter though the lesson went so well. We bore testimony of the Restoration and Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. As I was talking I had the thought we need to soft commit her, (just ask if she will follow Christ and be baptized when she comes to know its true) I finished speaking turned to Elder Benedict and the first words out of his mouth were a soft commitment. Its one thing to have to spirit, its another thing to follow it. We both had a common goal of helping her come to know its true and follow the promptings of the spirit, She said yes and then her kids asked 1000,000,0000 questions about being a missionary it was such a good lesson and good night.
I made a pretty good friend here, He is a member his name is C. L. he is 18 almost 19 he goes to UGA so we don't see him much but he was here on break so he went out with us a lot to teach he is deciding on a mission or not. We had so much fun. His mom cooked us Carne Asada which is one of my favorites ohhhh its so so good!  We had a couple more Yougioh Card Battles that rocked I'm pretty good haha who knew?? He went back to school so it was a sad day but we really appreciated his help.
Another lesson we had with a lady named M. That was another unexpected lesson, just stopped by and she let us in. She has not been reading the stuff we left, but she does like what we have to share. So we started to teach about the importance of the Book of Mormon, how its the key to our religion and if she does not read it then it will be very hard to know these things are true. It was going really good. Then she asked us if we grew up in the church we both answered yes and I felt like she was thinking well you only say its true cause you grew up in it. So I turned to Cr and asked him "how long has your family been in the church, how has it blessed you" His family has been in the church for 5 years. He bore his testimony of how it has helped his family and again just another experience that proves how important members are in lessons.

Picture description (Elder Benedict and C hit me with a 6 foot long rubber band  that's the welt and then me beating the little guy up haha just trickin)
Hope everyone is having a great time there starting school again. Miss you
Love Tanner