Monday, March 12, 2012

Moving vans,Kudzoo and thorns

We moved on last Monday to a much nicer  apartment. We live right near the Zone Leaders so that is pretty fun. We don't see a ton of each other but we do say hi every once in a while. It took so long to get everything unpacked because we still had to do Missionary work and never had time to sit down and take the time to do it. (we are now totally unpacked, we just don't have a couch) I was very sad to see Elder Klus go. We got along great and always had so much fun. I really thought that he would be here with me for one more transfer. He is back in Atlanta now, lucky guy!
Transfer meeting was on Wednesday. I knew what was happening since like Friday so I was just sitting there waiting until they told me I was getting Elder Bakes. Elder Bakes is a really good kid. Has great desires to work and is very obedient. Hopefully I will rub off on him a little bit, just in the way that he will see missionary work can be fun and you can be obedient and be yourself at the sametime. He asks a million questions which is good,  Bless his little heart, on Sunday I was cooking and he asked if I needed help, I said no man just relax, chill, go take a 10 minute nap if you want while this finishes cooking. So he sets his alarm for 10 minutes exactly. This is how he is in everything. If he does not lighten up he is really going to not enjoy his mission and will burn himself out in the process. He is a great kid though and we get along fine.
 This week was a little different because of the transfer, we got out and did some work though. Found out that our investigator A the one who is our most progressing got arrested for driving without a license. She was in jail and today is her court date so hopefully she just gets a fine and we can keep teaching her and her kids.
Last night we had a good lesson with a less active family. I love seeing the spirit work with people. I really don't say anything that really influences them its the spirit that tells them what they need to fix. The mother has not been coming to church and has been drinking a little bit. I shared 2nd Nephi 32 where it talks about angels speak by the power of the Holy Ghost which are the words of Christ so that lead into praying, keeping the commandments. I just asked questions and sat back and let them talk it all out and figure out what the Spirit needed them to hear. It was not a huge giant powerful experience but I did feel the Spirit and I feel it made a difference in their lives even if it was just a small one.
On Saturday we did some service for the English Elders in my District's Investigators. We cleaned out a giant pile of kudzoo vine, thorne vine and trees. I cut down probably to wierdest tree I have ever seen I wish i had my camera with me because it was so odd. Its so hard to describe the way it looked. It looked like a tree that should be in Africa or something. Just so odd. It was fun though cause I used a machete. Elder Fruean an Elder from Samoa was there with us, he grew up in Samoa so he was pro status at the Machete. He made us all look like kids compared to him haha.
Did I ever tell you about the day that I had a Piano dropped on my foot and got electricuted all in the same day? Well I started having really bad pains in my left foot where the piano got dropped. I was the one lifting it up the stairs I was holding on to it right below the keyboard and having to lift it step by step there were people below me pushing but I was lifting all the dead weight so I was having to go one foot at a time well they decided to push before I got my foot onto the next step. I shook it off and went on my way. Well it really started to hurt when I would move my foot and it would send a shock down my whole foot. Well Randi and Traci called the doctor and forced me to go. Turns out its not broken I just crushed the nerve and bruised the bones bad. The shock and numbness was from the nerve waking back up and trying to heal itself. Its feeling much better now,it still hurts but does not feel like it did wednesday. The hole in my foot is basiclly healed already it was supposed to take 4 weeks. I think one big reason I healed so fast is because I have cut out soda entirely I have not had it in  almost a month now and feel so much better. I drink a lot of water and its great.
Well everything is going good here. I love you all, miss you!
Love Tanner