Sunday, July 1, 2012

A little friend

I need to make this fast, sorry it will not be very long today.
 We had a good week as usual. It is going well here and we are staying busy. It has slowed down sightly so we are filling that extra time with finding more people to teach. 
I went on exchanges with the Vietnamese Elders in my district. As a District Leader I get the opportunity to go with an Elder in his area and his companion goes to my area and we spend the day like this. The Vietnamese Elders do not have areas like we do. They are able to go wherever there are Vietnamese since this is the only branch on this side of the United states. We did a lot of driving it was a lot of fun tho. We were going to knock the house of a potential investigator and I saw something scurry across the drive way at first glance I thought it was a GIANT bug, after closer examination I came to the conclusion that it was a Tiny Lizard with a really cool bright blue tail, So i grabbed an empty water bottle and we scoop it in after a couple of minutes of struggle haha I can only imagine what the neighbors in the pool across the street thought we were doing haha after a successful catch we knocked to door no one was home so we carried on our way. It is so hot here that I did not dare leave the little guy in the car or else he would have cooked and so I released him back into the wild where he was free to roam and eat ants as he pleased. We had a super good dinner where i got to use my chop stick skills, they kept trying to offer me a fork to eat with and I kept insisting i was fine! After dinner they said they were surprised an american like me could use chop sticks and just said it was easier than tortillas. I guess all that sushi Sierra and I would eat came in handy after all p.s. I miss sushi!!!

 Thursday we had a great dinner carne asada and pollo asada that Elder Steele and I helped cook on a charcoal grill. After some time as you can all imagine we smelled like a BBQ we ate the tacos and ran to our next appointment where I'm sure we made a great impression by our excellent smell, or at least just made them really hungry! 

 One of our Investigators had the task of moving all by her self while her husband is out of town working. So of coarse we offered out help. We went with her and got the UHAUL truck and then it was Elder Steele, Alex, and I charged with moving out all of the furniture ourselves. It was 95 plus humidity added with the extra heat that comes from working hard we almost cooked ourselves like the Lizard would have been so after some gaterade and a bag of well needed chips we went and picke dup two brand new giant beds and got to move those in as well! Doing service is always great and the exercise is well needed, these tortillas we eat everyday take there toll thats for sure! Imagine if you ate your fork with every bite. Yeah we don't really use silver wear  its all tortilla some times they give you a spoon (try cutting and eating meat with a spoon). We had a really good class that the missionaries taught in the third hour about rescuing the less actives. A English speaking woman came into the church to talk with our branch president seeking help not knowing it was Spanish. President Garcia asked me to translate for her. It is SOOO much easier to translate Spanish to English than it is to translate English to Spanish like I used to do in Cartersville each week. The members got really involved and had a lot to say and we made assignments of less active for companionships to go visit. We are really focusing on strengthening the branch and the members with our them we really cannot do a whole lot to be honest. Members are really the full time missionaries we are here for only two years and in each area for only a few months so after we leave who is left??? THE MEMBERS so remember that mom as you are teaching you gospel principles class, they couldn't do it with out you!
I am jealous you all went to the Rodeo I sure miss that a lot. Glad you all had a great time. Any results on Brenens tests???

 Love Tanner