Monday, June 18, 2012

Rain Dance #2

I already told you a little bit about the zone p-day we had last Monday. Had a lot of fun ate some great food played lots of games.
 We have been working closely with someone who has been reading the book of mormon and recently confessed that she found the Nephi chapters to be very boring so she skipped a head and found herself reading in Mormon and loved it. She said she really likes stories and chapters with faith so we gave her Either chapter 3 to read, the one about The brother of Jared seeing the finger of Christ. She really liked it and asked how she could grow more faith like that it was a really good lesson. 
 Keep having these crazy experiences here recently. The relief society president called us and said we needed to get over to this less actives house. We were luckily in the area and went right over. Her and her daughter were scared to death. They had some pretty crazy experiences. In the middle of the day she had seen a ghost like 3 times. She said it was so clear she could see the color of his shirt, jeans and his tennis shoes. So we blessed the house and left. We stopped by the next day to make sure everything was still okay and she said that as soon as we left the house felt normal, more peaceful even. I don't know why this keeps happening but wow its been a whole of situations like this over the past month hahaha.

 So remember me talking about doing the rain dance? We were over with that same family and they had a couple cousins over. They asked us to do the rain dance again so we did it, had a blast. We left and as we were driving it started to rain!! every time we do that it starts to rain I'm never doing it again haha. Its funny cause the little girls think its real now because each time we have done it, it has rained. Coincidence??? I think not!! haha just trickin ya, its funny though.

 We got new beds!! This might be the highlight of the week!!!! Extra long new beds, this is the first time I have fit on a bed my whole mission, only my toes hang off now not my entire ankle!!!! We rearranged our room and now it looks super awesome and we have new beds its fantastic!

 We had Stake Conference yesterday. We got a new Stake President this new one is only 32 years old! He is highly educated and was recently the Bishop over a ward. We had two members of the 70 there who spoke and gave a great meeting. 

 Speaking of 70 turns out our new Mission President will be delayed a couple of months. He had a surprise surgery last week. They removed a football sized tumor from his stomach. So a member of the 70 and his wife will be filling in for that period of time. He has been mission president twice before once in Mississippi and once for the Salt Lake Visitors center. So they have a little bit of experience with missionaries haha.

 This week was Good. Started out really fast and then ended really slow. No one was home Saturday or Sunday. We spent the whole day trying to visit people. It was a strange change of pace but not a bad one. 

I will be fasting with you guys. I hope everything works out great for Brenen. Whatever is supposed to happen, will happen. Trust the Lord and it will all work out great! 

Love you all, Love Tanner