Monday, July 23, 2012

Sometime we get really cool surprises! We were teaching a family when their friend came over. She answered a lot of the questions and helped her friends understand what we were teaching. She knew so much. At the end of the lessons I asked her if she had met with the Elders before or how she knew so much. She told me that she was baptized in mexico four years ago!! This happens from time to time. They come here, can't find the church or find it and assume its in English so they feel like they can't go. Well she is excited to start coming to church and hopefully she will continue to help us teach her friends.

We are teaching a recent converts family. She is a single mother with 6 kids. She has three older boys who we commited to baptism in two weeks. They made the choice on their own. We are really excited for them. They saw the change it made in their mothers life and felt the spirit as they were taught. They are such a great family. They are ages 16 - just a couple months. There is a little girl that is only a couple moths younger the Kaydie jo. They are so fun to be around. Super funny kids! 

Really very short on time today! Yesterday we ate dinner at a member who is home schooling her son so she has been learning about learning styles. She had us take the learning style and disposition tests. I am a performer (shocker right) and I had one that was one point less that the performer was Thinking/creater they are pretty opposite from each other which is kinda odd. I am a Kinostetic learning with visual tendencies! haha it was a of fun hearning the profile and then trying to deny all the things you don't like about it hahaha. I also may or may not have ruined a 10 year old childs life. They were talking about music and Rollingstones so i said how horrible their music is and that Apostle rode with Mcjagger and the things he said about their music. Well turns out its his favorite band and now he can't listen to them anymore. I did him a favor in the long run the rolling stones only have a couple good songs anyways hahaha. He is very upset with me though ahahahah!! His mom was happy though and she's the one who cooks so I think i'll live.

Brenen good luck with try outs!!! How is everyone else doing? how did Guppy like soccer? I really miss summer, parades. Cook outs and the Cabin!! I would love to just have a little vaca right now!!

Love you all!!! Love Tanner