There is something about Mondays that hit a re-start button and I forget everything that happened during the week!
 I'll tell you about the funny and or exciting things and maybe the rest will come back to memory.

On Friday we helped the A Family(probably one of the coolest families ever) paint a shed outside. We had a troop of helpers. A bunch of little kids stepping or dropping balls in the paint, trying to paint on us haha. I had someone take a bunch of pictures but, some little kids hid my bag at church yesterday and since we had a baptism right after I totally forgot to pull it out of the dark space behind the couch and the fake tree in the church lobby. So i'll send the pictures later. 

Yesterday right after Stake Conference I crouched down to pick up Elder Andersons PMG that was left on the floor and i heard this strange sound and realized it was my suit pants splitting now stop laughing and realize that I have not gained any weight I have only lost weight out here. So clearly it is not because the tortillas have gone straight to my booty! Its because my suit is getting worn out and maybe my butt has gotten a little bit bigger (which means I have one now haha) I went to member who is 16 that lives close by and tried to borrow a pair of his pants (we are 30 minutes from home or more,when we are out working) Well he has a simlar style to me. You know slim fit stuff, classier style looks nice. Well he is much smaller than I am and so when I put on his "slim fit slacks" it looked like I had just put on a pair or Sierras spandex leggings hahahaha i was laughing and so i tried a pair of normal slacks that he has and they fit great in the waist... the legs were at about mid shin so we went to plan B. Got out the needle and sewed them up enough to get us through the day. Thankfully one of the A's is a (forgot the word in english) a person who fixes clothes.. what is it like a seamier or something like that???... Well she said I give  her an entire mound of clothes to fix and she would gladly do it for me hahaha i may take her up on that hahaha! So there is a funny story for you all to laugh at. Yes i just split my first pair of pants ever! hahahaha might not be the last time I've been running and working out alot so you know i'm getting ripped hahaha!! I wake up early at 6:20 for a few extra workout minutes and that way by 6:30 im warmed up and ready to go! makes the day go by better.

 So i am pretty allergic to poison sumac! After a week of creams and benadril I still have large rashes on each arm and it look slike I have a skin disease, its just lovely!!! One arm is now peeling and the other is still covered in large red ish brown bumps that will not go away, i think i may have to go to the doctor. The funny thing is they really don't hurt or itch they just look really nasty ahhaha people constantly ask. What happened? Are you okay? Its the first thing you see haha I think its funny.

We started a Book of Mormon Challenge with F a 16 year old member and we have invited a few otheres to join. It was kind of a spur of the moment thing yesterday. While talking with F during my pants crisis we were talking about stories from the book of mormon and about how great it is and asked if he had ever read the whole thing and he said no but he's started it a few  times just never finished so we decided that together we are going to read the whole book of mormon in 2 months before Elder Anderson goes home. So that means 9 pages a day in English and 11 a day in Spanish. I am nearly finished in spanish so i decided i'd read it with F in english. We are going to text at night to make sure we are all ready and share incites or versus we liked. I'm really excited about this. We got F mom to do it with us and we are really excited about it. We have been inviting others to join. So please if you'd like to join us feel free. Anyone can do it. I would love to hear your experiences throughout. I promise that as you do this your faith and testimony will grow and your lives will be blessed you will see that everything in life will fall in its place and your testimony can become unshakable (jacob 4:6) in jacob 4:6 its uses the word we "searched the prophets" in spanish it uses a much more powerful verb it is "escrudinar" which in a way for you to understand means to get to the bottom of or investigate or to really search out. so in other words study,pray study more you know talks, other books really "search the prophets" then continue in the verse and it will tell you how powerful your testimony in chirst can and will be. So please feel free to join us. Its going to be hard 8 pages a day may seem like a lot but if you read it this fast the book comes more alive and makes more sense!!! you'll love it! So thats 9 pages a day, you have two months...if you get behind it becomes much harder to catch up so start today! The Book of Mormon is true and will you teach the doctrine of Christ! or in other words how to receive exaltation!! Membership in the church does not promise you will be "saved" it just so happens this is the only organized religion with the keys and authority to administer the saving ordinances that are required to be exalted on high! Think about that. Its more than just "I'm a mormon" being a mormon just gives you the tools, so get to work and use them.

Love Tanner