Monday, July 2, 2012

One Wild Week!

This was one wild week!!!! Just so you all know you don't understand what heat is!!!!! It was 108 here plus the humidity. Try tracting in that, just try walking outside your door in that haha.... we survived tho!!! You know its really bad when you knock on someones door and they ask if your okay and if you need water haha we got invited into a lot of homes, but of coarse there was never any men home so we could not enter!!!! We suffered in the heat on the porch!

 I went on exchanges with an Elder from Oregon Elder L he is from a town near Salem Oregon. He is the most talented artist I have even seen like seriously amazing he is going to go to school or animation or product design talents like that make me jealous I wish i could draw, sing, play piano like a champion but I have none of those talents haha oh well!!!..

We had a good time we went around and visited a lot of people Z made us dinner and it was fantastic then we stopped by a part member families house and had a blast we started teaching one of the none members and it went really well luckily she spoke English so elder L was not completely left out of there. We started to leave then ended up talking and laughing for another half hour some people are just so easy to get along with and have fun. Its nice when people are not so up tight.

 We have this amazing sister in the branch who cooks for us often. She a good cook but on a hot summer day Mole is not a food that you really want plus no matter how many times I eat it I just can't learn to love it. Its not bad but its just one of those foods that you don't ever ask for. Its a really think heavy sauce and chicken with rice. There are different types of Mole as well. Chile, Dule and Verde. Verde and Chile are the best but Dulce is made with chocolate and well its my least favorite. Bless her heart tho that sister does a lot for us. She works at a dry cleaners and well I'll be honest my suits were well beyond in need of a dry cleaning so she took them and did both of my suits and had them back and ready by Saturday so I could have one too wear to church.

We started visiting this family that is less active but her niece and nephew just moved here from Guatemala. They are one of the funnest families ever. Her niece turned 15 the day we stopped by. She does not have friends her yet and is so cool and awesome we had to do something. We left the lesson went and got some cupcakes and candles from the store we went back and surprised her then we did a fun game. Well she thought we were playing a fun game.
 You have 4 people stand in a line crouched down and close there eyes the back one stands up and claps once then everyone claps. The second one stands up and claps twice the third person is the birthday person and so they stand up and then you smash cake in their face!! Spanish people love to smash cake on you, Birthdays, goodbye parties etc.. they smash cake its just what they do! Then Her Aunt made us Tacos al Pastor with Tortillas de mano (hand made tortillas) it was soooo good!!!!! 

 One of our investigators has turned into a little missionary. She found and invited two people to church who are actually members that had recently moved here from other countries and had not been to church here so she called us and we got them rides. She invites someone to church every time she goes to the store or is out walking around she is not even baptized yet and is beating the members at their job haha. Her daughter just came out from California so we are starting to teach her as well/ We are jsut waiting to get her and her boyfriend married. We are praying for a miracle this week! She is ready just need the license!!!

 One of the best things ever is when an Investigator comes up and gives you a giant hug and asks how you're doing (it was a guy don't worry i didnt break a rule haha) He was so so so shy when we first met him. You could not hear him talk he would avoid questions well now about 3 weeks later he is coming up and saying hi to us, making jokes. Its amazing what it does when you show someone you care about them and how much the gospel can change someone. He even invited his friend and his friend is now taking lessons with us. He told us last night that he is going to be baptized but he wants to know more and be sure of what he does. His wife is a member who has recently become active again. They are actually married so we don't need to worry about that. Sad but true they are the first people that I have taught that are married! They are only like 23 so we get along really good and have a great balanced relationship during the lessons its business but after the lessons we can talk and have a good time. He is really funny and goofy and a super cool guy it just took a couple weeks the get him to open up its been a really neat thing to watch happen.

 You need to stop having so much fun you are making me jealous. Rodeos, camping fishing its just not fair hahahaha.
Kim glad you finally got a car mom is very happy im sure! she has been praying for you to find one so she didnt have to frove to logan so much ahahah. Oh mothers how great are they huh?