Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Drink the Windex??

It is always so hard to remember the last week when you are already focused on the week you are in. I am will try and do my best but it seems as if I am just drawing a blank right now. 

 Its been a good week though. Elder Anderson and I have just been trying to figure out this whole Zone Leader thing as we are trying to pull our area together. We have spent lots of time doing "administrative" things and its been hard to sit in the apartment so long in the day. We have meetings and trainings to study for. Fixing up the area map and area book. Just all that little stuff that you don't like to do but if you do it makes the big things go better.

 It really has been a lot of fun though. Elder Anderson and I get along so great! its been a while since EVERYTHING was this enjoyable. All that we do we do while laughing. I think Elder Anderson is a little bit weirder and crazier than me, so for once in my life I seem some what normal hahah... Then again the two of us combined is just a bundle of strange awesomeness that I dont think anyone can be around us and be upset, they are always laughing....Unless we are teaching serious stuff then we mean business.
 Monday was great. We had dinner with the M and did this really cool object lesson. We took blue powerade and a windex bottle and made a switch. We pulled out the Windex first and then talked about the commandments and baptism and how it is so good at cleaning, why wouldnt you want to partake. Well everyone was obviously very hesitant to drink windex and refused. So we kept explaining and talking about how we should trust god and god said it was okay to drink the windex and that you need to. So as you could imagine no one would drink it. Until finally Sis M took a chance after a little do you really have this little of faith in god guilt trip. After she took a spray to the mouth and declared to everyone it was juice, we pulled out the blue powerade bottle and said well now do you all want some of this look its good for you it has vitamines and minerals it tastes good, it has electrolytes. They had put two and two together and no one would drink form the powerade bottle. We then explained how satan will do this when he tempts us. He makes it look so good and so fun but inside there really are things that could make you sick. It was a fun and eye opening lesson.
After that we went over to G's house. She is someone I have mentioned before. She was baptized in Mexico a few years back we found her while teaching someone else and well we were finally able to meet with her. We got to know her a bit more and then taught the restoration and challenged her to read and pray about it again. She was so happy and is really strong. She joined the church for the right reasons and to this day is still the only member. She is very excited and is so happy to have a Book of Mormon again. She left hers when she came form mexico and that was the first thing she asked for when we found her. She works at Shoneys here in town and so we didnt have a dinner appointment on saturday and we decided we'd stop in and try to see her to invite her to church the next day. She was so excited to see us and she told us that she had read and prayed again and that she showed the restoration video to her boyfriend and asked us to start teaching him soon. She really wants to come back. It was really neat.

I don't really remember much of the rest of the week. We had a lot of fun with some members he took out his guitar and was singing in spanish and just having a really good time. 

We did some service on saturday for a member and we had to cut giant tree branches from the trees around his house so they don't fall on his roof. This involved some ladder climbing and some sketchy tactics but it worked out great and we got the branches all down. and no I didnt get hurt or fall... and these are big trees out here. 

Its been really cool to work with all the English Elders as a District leader I got a small bit of that but now we are involved with an entire zone of Elders and Sisters. Sister Mortensen is from Pleasant Grove I've gone to school with her since 6th grade she is in our zone as well as Elder Russon who is from Pleasant Grove, I didnt know him but he says he knew me and saw me all the time (not so sure if thats a good thing or a bad thing ahahaha) It really has been going well and we have been learning a lot together Elder Anderson and I. He goes home in like 10 weeks. thats really crazy thats not that much time at all. President Harding should be coming in at the end of this month so I can actually find out when I'm going home hahaha. 

Hope everyone is doing well in school!!! Do your homework and listen to mom.

Love you all. Love tanner