Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A relaxing week-kinda

According to bing the translation from this facebook caption. "In the game of the night home"
Yeah so I really can't remember that well what happened this last week since its now Tuesday. I didn't email yesterday because the library was closed. 
 We did the normal missionary things haha. Wow I'm having a really hard time remembering what we did this week. The days all blur into one day. Time is going by really crazy fast. The transfer is already over. Elder Steele and I are staying together. This is the first time I have not gotten a new companion. It is such a relief to finally not have a transfer! We have a ton of work going on here so that is nice as well. Nothing changes we can keep moving on what we were doing.

 Sister F, from the F family that I got really close to when I was in Chamblee Branch the first time had a baby girl this week (this is child number 8) they now have 3 girls and 5 boys. They never found out what it was going to be so she was thrilled it was a little girl. We stopped by to see her in the hospital and then on Sunday I got the chance to go with our branch president and Elder Thomas who is currently covering that area to visit the whole family. Oh it was so nice to see them. They are one of the only families that can say my last name haha. The kids came running greeting me, they are wild but so fun. 

 Nothing super crazy happened this week, that is always a good thing!! A normal week is hard to come by here. In fact in the "norm" is something crazy happening so when its relaxed and chilled that is a present! 

We have been getting some good referrals lately, one of them was a member who is the only member in her family. We stopped by left a note because no one was home. She called as soon as she got it. She said I live with my two aunts who are not members and there are kids that are 9 and older who are not baptized we are excited for you to teach us. They said they were coming to church but never came. Hopefully we can get over there this week and teach them.
 I'm not sure if I have mentioned the other one before, but she was baptized when she was 14 and soon after came to the us and has not been to church since. She really wants to get back and for her kids to learn. On top of this we have lots of other things going on and literally have not enough time to get them all done and the times people would like. Its a problem I wish I had my whole mission haha. 
 The last few weeks here have been really good, but really challenging keeping up with every thing and some struggles that have come up with some investigators and the other Elders serving in that branch have made it hard to get the things done that I would like to. I'm looking forward to the change that this transfer brings into the Branch and hope it is all for the good. The Branch is getting stronger but sure needs a lot of help. Some days all the problems pile up at once, but I never have been happier! Things really are going well. The days may drag on at times but the weeks pass with no warning. Its fantastic.

Hope you all are ready for summer. The heat sure as kicked in here thats for sure. High 90's with high high humidity. I'm cooking crispy out here!!

Love you all