Monday, August 6, 2012

The work rolls on

This was a great week!!!
We have been given a lot of new direction and I have loved it. President pulled me aside after a Leadership meeting on Friday and pulled out part of a letter I had written two weeks back (we write each week to him by email) at first I thought I might be getting a lecture but it was exactly the opposite. I expressed some real struggles and challenges I was facing with the way missionary work was being done. I didn't feel like the work we were doing is how it should be done. I said I felt like I was beating a cement wall with a chisel by that I meant I was working all day long and working really hard but a chisel is not an effective way to get through a cement wall even though you are working very hard. I told him how I had been praying and studying and asking local leaders and I could not figure it out. Well the week after I wrote that letter he gave us the direction we needed to go. He taught us about the way the First Presidency wants missionary work done by using Chapter 5 in the church leadership auxiliaries manual. WOW!!! I learned I was doing missionary work sooooo wrong. It was not our fault I was doing missionary work the way I was taught. I even work a little bit differently than a lot of Elders and I still was so off. Missionary is not what everyone thinks. We play the smallest role when missionary work is being done right. We are to teach and thats about it. The ward council really leads the missionary work. This direction was the answer to my prayers I was looking for so we talked about that and talked about how Elder Searle and I are starting to do a lot of good things here in the area and he said if i keep doing what I am doing with the same questions I asked and the same attitude that this area is going to explode!!

Baptism day
 We had a really good week I'll start with the best part first, L, G and Dl got baptized on Sunday!!! They were supposed to be baptized Saturday night but their baby sister had to go to the hospital. She was a preemie baby and her lungs dont work well. She is on full time oxygen. She stopped breathing for a little bit. Everything is fine they left the hospital that night and she was at church Sunday just smiling. This baby smiles more than any child I have ever seen. She is 6 months old but should only be 4 months old right now. She just looks around and smiles and everyone all the time I love it!!!They were baptized and then confirmed, I got to confirm Luis the oldest boy it was a great experience. It was fast and testimony meeting I normally let the members bear their testimonies because its there time and I bear my testimony everyday. The Spirit hit me so strong It basically kick me out of my seat I had to go up and bear my testimony. 

 We have a lot of other people who are really close to baptism. We just need to get them to church. The members are really getting behind us and starting to invite their friends to dinners or to meet with us or ask if they can come out with us! its been great. This Branch is really small but they are very firm and willing to help us. Its a great mix of countries in this branch as well. Argentina, Colombia, the DR, mexico, El Salvador, Honduras, Ecuador etc. its very neat, especially eating with them we can talk about the different foods for hours I love it!!! 

 WOW the rodeo looked like so much fun!!! Seriously I miss summers with y'all so much!!!! I just miss summer with the Charlesworths we always have soooooooo much fun I think we are the funnest family in the world during the summer! Especialyl when you get the whole clan together!

LOVE you all, Love tanner

Note from mom Tanner said that olga is an coconut statue that gets into mischief in the apartment.
After Olga strikes
Before Olga