Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Even in Utah

I don't feel like writing very much today. This week was insane (as usual) and I am very, very tired!!! 

President was so busy with two zone conferences that he asked us to drive a missionary to the airport and send him on his way home (medical reasons) That Atlanta airport is so big!

We have been helping a couple people get ready for their baptisms this week. M is such an incredible lady. We stopped by to check up on her and she was like oh good so glad you came by, I've needed to talk to you. Like I said before she was hoping her son who is a member could come up from Mexico for this. He has no idea that she has been meeting with us and wanted to surprise him. I can fell that she is truly converted. She was telling us how she prayed and has just felt so much peace about being baptized whether he son is here or not i know on that day i need to be baptized. She is so solid and reads daily, loves everything about the church and already feels like she is a member.

 You can always tell when someone prays about something. Prayer is so powerful. The V's family only hold up is that they are not married, and he does not believe in marriage. She was married before in Mexico and is not divorced. We invited them to read proclamation to the world and then counsel together and then pray about what they should do. We went over on Saturday and their concern now is what is will take to get her divorced. They have it worked out so they can go to church every other week now because of his work and they continue to pray and read daily. They are such a neat family and the 3 little boys even come sit in with us each time. Taking members with us has also made a HUGE difference. Missionary will not retain unless members are involved in the conversion of a person. Remember that, even in Utah. Look around you, how many people have fallen away or are just waiting for someone to tell them about the church. One person we are teaching right now who will be baptized next week lived in Utah, went to temple square and no one ever told her about the church. Well she found us one day a few months ago when I was last here and now she is being baptized cause a friend of hers kept inviting her to church after all this time.

A missionary friend I have in New York right now sent me a really cool story. They are serving in downtown which covers the temple. They started talking with the guard outside and turns out he is from Africa and has been reading the Book of Mormon on his own but no one has ever told him about it, or how he can join or anything, well they did, and  now he is being baptized! Not even temple workers stopped to talk to him and invite him to church. They are all around us!!!!

Brenen I love you and I pray the surgery goes well.(Brenen had brain surgery trying to get his seizures to stop) .Good job on those wins!!! (wrestling) you'll get them all next year!!1 Love you buddy. I love the tiger you sent me, it looks great!

Love you all, happy holidays

or in the words of Ronald Wesley "Happy Christmas Harry"

Love Tanner