Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving Week and Chicken Feet

Well Thanksgiving was great, We started out by playing Futbol Americano with the English ward then we left after a few fun games and went to a way nice field to play soccer, I hate to group them all  in like this but  holy cow  Hispanics are really hard to play soccer with. They cry so much and complain and cheat. I know this happens in every sport with who ever you play with but its bad here haha.
 Well we washed up and went to a dinner with the Familia S they are super super cool we eat there a lot, she grew up in Arizona and is very American and he is very American speaks English has lived here awhile so it was the typical turkey dinner with potatoes stuffing rolls pie and salted margaritas! we left there and went to another dinner appointment with some other members who have son on a mission in Idaho. We took the train and had fun talking to all the people on it in Spanish or English didn't matter its just fun. They cooked us a really good turkey and we had rice with corn in it and salad with lime on it and coke. I try to stop drinking soda but that's all Hispanics drink so i have no choice!
 We did service for a member named N I've talked about her before she is one of my favorites here she has a 5 year old daughter named K. We painted her house but first we had some fun and painted our names and pictures on the wall before we painted over it. Her sister in law is a member as well she asked what we wanted for dinner Elder Cowley half joking, half serious said Patas de pollo (chicken feet) she laughed and even her husband from Mexico said eww we don't eat those. Well we show up and she thought it would be fun for us to try something new so we ate patas de pollo the pictures will explain it all, Its not gross just something i would NEVER ask for! She says from now on every week when we eat there we will get to try something new (yay...ewww) Hispanics eat gross things like Menudo (cow intestine soup) Pansa (cow stomach) Chicharone (pig skin not fried) so it will be interesting. The funny thing is she does not even like that stuff ,she just thinks its fun!
 We found 6 new investigators this week so that is a huge blessing because we kinda had to drop a few of ours that we were teaching, they just were not progressing or they disappeared. ....that happens  a lot.
Elder Heimuli is the Bomb. His mom is too, she sent me spam and corned beef like my two favorite things!! We have so much fun all the time, all of our lessons start with people just laughing because we are such goof nuts and weirdos!! I love it!
MMMM Chicken Feet
 Love Tanner