Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Well yep I got transferred. I'm here in Peachtree city it is super nice here!
Before I left a couple members threw me a little birthday party. Sticking to the Spanish tradition I was covered in cake. They love smasing cake on people. I took all their wind out from it though and smashed my own face in the cake before they could touch me!!!  
I have really enjoyed this area so far its a tiny branch but a really good one. Our area is the entire county so we have lots of work to do but we have along ways to go at times. We are teaching a ton of people. A lot of them are really cool. A couple of them scare me!!! Allow me to explain! We show up to this apartment as we are walking up my companion decides to give me a fair warning and tell me these guys are super gay. So I walk into the apartment and well he was making an understatement! Very very nice guys they really are nice they also said some very not appropriate comments to me. Obviously one of the things they bring up is Homosexuality in the church. So I was very direct. They want to come to church next sunday and want to keep taking the lessons but i explained to them the things they would have to drop if they wanted to be baptized in the church. They really respected it. But all the comments they kept making about me makes me not want to go back. If it were one it would not be so bad but there were 5 of them all talking about me!!! and I am pretty good at spanish and i know alot of slang and they are not saying good things at all! well enough said on that. 

Thank you all for the birthday wishes by the way. Annie I got your package it was fantastic. Mom got yours and Sierra got yours!!!!! Made coming to a new area a little easier haha.

Saturday night I was all relaxed and in bed and then the phone rings....... "Elder Charlesworth its President, can you speak in sacrament meeting tomorrow my speaker cancelled, Great thanks, have a good night.. oh you need to speak for 15-20 minutes, bye" SO yeah I had a couple hours before sacrament to prepare. It actually went really well. A member told me later at her house I have a good Spanish accent and that she was impressed with how well I knew Spanish then she told me a list of the words i messed up hahahahaha it actually was really neat. She is fluent in English and Spanish so she corrects us a lot and i really like it. I wanna get good.

Sorry this is so short. Out of time here. I would love to tell you more what happened this week but cant..