Monday, December 31, 2012

Unwanted baptism visitor

Yea Clean teeth!
Well I talked to you all last week so I'm not sure what to say hahaha. 

Everything is going great. Thank you everyone for the cards and gifts!!! 

We have stayed busy!! The last 3 weeks are all a blur in my head and I can't decide what happened when. We have been running mad to get everything done for the baptisms and get everyone ready.

Funny story. Last week as we were filling the font for M I cleaned it out starting filling it and came back to check on it, i noticed a small creature swimming along the wall. Yep it was a salamander. It had to have come from the pipe because I swept the whole thing out. So we did some mcGivering and I fished it out with a net we had to clean. Let the little buddy go out the back door hahaha. Silly little newt!

Christmas was really special this year. It was really great to go around and bless people on that special day. Helping them feeling the spirit and peace of out Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in their homes. We were able to visit many families, all of which stuck true to their Hispanic culture and forced us to eat in about every single house. We had a big lunch with a family from Uruguay we ate chancho (small pig) roasted whole. And Chorizo a type of sausage that is really good! And this wonderful desert that I can't remember how to say it, but it was really good! 

 One of my favorite things about winter here serving with Hispanics is the hot teas and drinks they make (they call anything hot and made with plants tea, don;t worry no breaking commandments here) They make this one called Ponche that is so good, its kind of liek wassel but way more fruit, i love it! The tamales, the barbacoa oh its all so good!!!!

We are still working with a lot of people getting them ready for their baptisms this month. Need to work out some marriage stuff (as usual) Its going really great and I'm glad I'm here in Chamblee. I really hope they don't move me next month that would be lame!!!

Love you all, hope you had the best Christmas ever!!!

Love Tanner
I ate cow gut tacos,cow tongue and cow tongue tacos. The tongue was delicious! Chicken feet not as much.