Monday, April 2, 2012

General Conference

This was a very brutal week. Stomach monster was on attack mode! It would not go away. So we went to the doctor (not by choice) and they did nothing. Gave no answers just said keep drinking water. Well I'm feeling much better now! A week and a half of torture finally gave way and I can sit comfortably again!
Because of the stomach monster out week was slowed up pretty bad. Every chance we had to go out and work no one was home, our appointments were cancelled etc. it was a long hard week. We spent two days trying to help a less active member get his drivers license. He has a visa but apparently not the right kind for a license cause no one would let him get it. We went back twice. They really cracked down on the rules for that.  Luckily he works for a member who owns a food joint called BBQ street (place the Dustin's took us to eat, we eat there every week actually) his boss says he will help him get Permiso de trabajar (workers permit) after he gets that he can get a license. We focused on trying to get less actives General Conference. Everyone uses the "I can watch it at home" excuse. F the member I talked about last week who we had a really good lesson with promised is three times after three different visits he would be at the afternoon session and priesthood well we called him before and he said he'd come and he never did. You get accustomed to let downs like this all the time on the Mission.

General Conference was great! I loved it. My favorite talks were Elder Eyring's about over coming trials. Elder Scott's for Receiving Revelation, Revelation is such a important tool for life. Especially as a missionary you need revelation daily we are constantly seeking that to help ourselves, our area and specifically the people we are working with. I also really enjoyed the talk by the 70 who spoke of teaching your kids agency and letting them use it correctly. I was very grateful for the way that I was raised and given so much room to grow and become who i needed to be. I feel like if you as parents would have tied me down I would have not grown like I was able to. I would not of been as independent or would be able to be as strong by myself. I really do feel bad for kids especially those on a mission right now who never had that room or time to grow. It really does make it harder for them. They don't have to spend so much time figuring things out, how to act alone how to make your own decisions. If a child has to chance to grow and to even live away from home before the mission that is the best case I think. There are so many kids who come from high school to the mission which is great you need to be here, but the only reason they are here is because mom and dad said so and if they don't they will be mocked, shunned and disowned by Mormon Society which is a huge problem that I am not pleased with about the Mormon culture. If a child has the chance to live, to choose to grow then Mission life is much easier and their testimonies and the reason they are on a mission is in the right place. Every man needs to be on a mission that's a commandment, or at lest worthy to serve a mission. I feel bad for the ones who come straight from home and have no life experience or even a real testimony. You cannot convert anyone else more than your own conversion. So thank you mom and dad for raising me the way I needed to be raised. For giving me those choices.

Two more weeks in this transfer! I  can make it haha. its been a rough one, but I'm learning a lot about myself. That's the whole reason we have experiences that we are not particularly fond of. We are supposed to learn so I welcome those challenges (I just don't ask for mountains)

Love you all. Brenen good luck with all the brain stuff you are in my prayers.

Love Tanner