Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Last Week of Transfer

Tanner's version of Plan of Salvation
Birthday cupcakes for a "mom"

It was a really good week. We were really busy. Teaching all week. It was very strange having an English elder with us. Had an extra companion with us for 10 days. We still had to work his area and ours so it got tricky at times but turned out great.
We had a great lesson with M and her family we took a member with us. Brother Q. He speaks spanish so it really helps us out. He is crazy bold though. He told her. There is only one true church on earth and the catholic church is not it.( this was right after she said she is catholic and didn't   want to change) He then explained that there are great people in the other churches that are trying to do good. and that she is fantastic and has a great family they just were not in the true church. Then he invited her to come to his house for dinner and a lesson and it was all going great to plan that Sunday until sister Q got sick and then M ended up not coming to church anyways. Next week though.

We got calls for Transfers on Saturday that we needed a ride. Then Monday they said that Benedict is out and I was staying here and staying DL. Well he has been here 7 and a half months so it was hard for him to leave. My poor new comp is going to get torn apart by aunt Randi she dislikes new missionaries and is so mean to them (she says I threw her off guard and she really likes me so I got lucky) she won't talk to or even acknowledge new missionaries. Poor new comp. haha

I had to speak in church on Sunday. This ward likes me for some reason I keep having to do stuff in it haha. And now Beni is gone so I will have to do everything. I am Senior Companion now. At  7 months (that never happens in spanish) My new Companion is Elder Klus he is from Oakley I served by Him In Chamblee. I loved him then so we are gonna get along great! He had a class with Alisha his Freshman year. Funny huh!!

So this will be a great transfer. Just harder I will be doing most the talking and teaching and DL and all that cool stuff. But Iwill learn a lot so that is great. Looking forward to it.

Hope everyone's week went great.
Love Elder Charlesworth
pictues (The cupcakes I made for Cronweld's mom's Birthday, The plan of salvation pics i made)