Monday, January 30, 2012

First week as Senior

Some good hard work feels goods

Elder Klus,I think
I'm officially senior companion. It does make things a little easier to be senior and District Leader.
This week was both really good and really hard. After Elder Klus got his stuff in the house I said okay lets get to work. I didn't even let him unpack. I felt kinda bad but we had stuff to do.
 Thursday we went over to A and had a really good lesson about Jesus and the second coming. We had to be a little fast because we had an appointment to help La Familia Lopez sand the sheet rock in the new addition to their house. I asked A son A if he wanted to come help us. He was very excited, in fact the other two boys there

wanted to come as well. Wish we could have taken all of them. A had a great time and we saw them again the next day and he said he had a good time. He also said he wants to come to church with us and be baptized. He is such a great kid.
 We had a really good lesson with Los L as well. Their dad is not a member and has never listened to a lesson before. He just walked in on his own and listened to what we were teaching the kids about.

Saturday was one of those days. We started working early that day. I was determined to find some old investigators and maybe a couple new people. First we couldn't find an address (it didn't exist) and then no one was home. Out of about 8 people we were trying to locate no one was home (a couple just wouldn't open the door) We did have a great lunch with la Familia J.
 The last two days I have been fighting a horrible Head Cold ( pretty sure its a sinus infection) so on top of this day getting tougher and tougher i felt worse and worse. We kept working though. I started calling people trying to set up appointments and it was Friday night so no one was home. So we hit the streets starting going through the area book. No one was home. So I said Elder Klus lets pray. We prayed where we needed to go. A name came to find and so we went. They had moved and the number we had was for some white lady. So we tried it again. Prayed. A name came to mind.... and no one was home. So we kept trying to find some people. Well nothing happened. No one was home or they had moved.  Rough day.
 Woke up the next day feeling just as sick. Didn't wanna get up or move but fought through it and we got to work. Started the day with Stake conference. It was a broadcast from Salt Lake with Elder Gonzalez someone form the primary and bishop rick and Elder Ballard. The wards had not set up a Spanish room which is very frustrating some times it feels like they just don't care about the Spanish members. Me and Jaime translated. Its so hard to do. White people talk so fast I can't keep up. La Familia M that We have been teaching since I go here finally came to church. They are members who moved here from Chicago and they had not been to church in a very long time. We tried going over a couple times this week and they were not home. So they showed up to church by taking a taxi and they came at 9. They didn't know it was stake conference. I felt bad but they were there so we set up an appointment for that night. We taught the plan of salvation. I think it was a big eye opener for her. She couldn't remember a lot of it. She is determined to start coming back to church now and wants us to help them start Family home evenings. We got on and showed her all the temples. Hopefully that will be there next goal.
 We ended finding a couple people on Sunday that we tried finding Saturday it was a good day, just a very long one. Its interesting I thought for sure the praying would work. I don't think it was a lack of faith. Its just funny how when we pray for something and then God gives us what we need not what we want. Rough days like that only make you stronger. It only makes your roots grow deeper and well we will have more hard ships to face and they will be easier, or because we made it through the last one we know it will turn out okay and we will be fine. Just trust in the Lord.
Still can't believe I'm senior already. Elder Klus is really shy(only around new people and lessons) and does not like to talk he has only been out 4 months. I hope I don't screw him up. haha. Its hard not having someone else to fall back on in a lesson. He will talk if I turn to him and said Elder Klus will explain this. He will learn though I promise that. I will make sure of it. He is such a bear, I love him. We get a long great he's from Oakley. We like all the same stuff. We have fun. Its going to be great.

Guppy thanks for the video I loved it!! you have not teeth where did they all go?
Miss you all... Love Elder Charlesworth
*** Here is the link to see the video that Kaydie made for Tanner. She taped this all on her own.