Monday, October 3, 2011

Conference Weekend

Conference was great. I really enjoyed it!
We had a busy week. Found a couple new people to teach so that was col. Have two people getting ready for baptism in 2 weeks!! Very excited for that
Other than being super busy teaching not a whole lot happened, got to go to a birthday party those are always fun. Ended up Squeezing about 100 or more limes so that was just a blast haha. I got your package mother thank you! I'm assuming Guppy put in the silly band! so thanks for that i love it! Sorry this is a boring email this week just don;t have tons to say just taught like 20 lessons and did some knocking and its been a lot of fun. Elder Monty and i just have a blast all the time. He is probably training next transfer becasue we have like 6 spanish coming in finally. So i will probably move to another area next transfer!
Hope everyone had a great week/weekend. Brenen good job on the win! Keep it up buddy boy!
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