Monday, January 28, 2013

Almost moved in

Yesterday I had such a powerful wonderful experience in a lesson that is a result from a blessing we left with a member on Christmas night, asking who do you know and then not giving up. This wonderful sister has had it really rough lately. Her husband was caught driving with out a license and is in jail. We went over soon after Christmas to give her a blessing and had a really good experience. We taught her one time after that with the family that referred us to her but with her crying child we had to leave early because he was very very ill. After missed appointments and things not working out we were finally able to teach her again last night. She has commented to me in the past that she loves it when we bless her and she feels so good when we do so. She has even been confronted by some anti and told her friends she didn't believe it because she knows we always talk about Christ and she felt good when we were there. As we answered her questions and the member family bore their testimonies I felt the Spirit come over me and I bore testimony of how much God loves her, and the relationship there can be with prayer, that he lead us to her and that the message we teach will change her life and many other things. She began to cry and the room was so full of fire. She asked me to say the prayer at the end and so I blessed her and she began to cry again. She had read the restoration pamphlet and the verses we left her in the BOM. She told us her friends have invited her to their churches but she wants to come to ours. She WILL be baptized. All this happened because we put her on the power list and didn't give up. We will teach her in a members home this week and commit her to a date. I had the very strong impression that she is one specific person that I was sent her to meet. She is one of the reasons why I was changed from Mexico to Atlanta. She is why I am here right now where I need to be. God Really knows HIS children and what they need.
 We are all moved into our new apartment and getting stuff unpacked still. Its pretty hard since we are NEVER home, but slowly we are getting it done.
 Everything is going really great! Everything is working out well. L wants his kids to get baptized before he and his wife can. 
 Had many wonderful experiences this week. The one that I shared was the one that hit me the most. I really hope that I stay her for my last 5 weeks. Transfers are next Wednesday and I really hope that I don't have to go to a new area for the last 5 weeks. Pretty sure I'll stay here, but you really never know!
Hope all is well at home. Love you all
Love Tanner