Monday, February 25, 2013

I love to see the temple

Sorry I'm getting to this letter so late. I have to run to the hospital so this is going to be short.
It was an amazing week. I got to go to the temple and do a Spanish session. See a bunch of members from Peachtree City and see a Family get sealed together! It was so amazing. It was the first time I have ever seen any kind of sealing and it was incredible. The whole time in the temple I felt so warm. I literally felt warmth and peace around and in my heart. I never had experienced it in the way i did that day.
Yesterday I got to confirm L, the sister we baptized last week. It is always so neat to give people the Holy Ghost. Such a precious gift!!!
Yesterday we had fun cooking at a members house. They didn't have the ingredients I needed so we made do and it turned out great!!!!
We have a lot to do today and this week, So i am really sorry this is so short!!!
I wanted to thank everyone for all the support. Family, Friends, Ward members. Soon I will see you and can actually thank you all in person and give you all hugs!! The support as meant a lot and I can feel your prayers. Thank you so much.
Seeing someone get sealed and a member get their endowments out really pulled it all together for me. We teach, and bless so people can be baptized for the remission of sins, then they get the Holy Ghost who helps us and we are qualified for eternal life so as we endure to the end building up Gods kingdom on earth and make more covenants in the temple with the lord we get so many blessings. It all narrows down to Baptism/Holy Ghost, Sacrament, Temple. I have changed the way I teach so much. Inviting everyone almost in the first lesson every time to be baptized and about the sacrament and the temple. The V family is getting ready to be baptized together on the 9th of March(yes the week end before I get home) they already have the goals to get sealed in the temple in a year. They have truly changed. I have seen so many miracles because of this Gospel. People literally CHANGE its so incredible!!!! The Vfamily and so many other people have made this all worth it!
I love you all!!
Love Tanner

I forgot to tell you about going to the Hospital yesterday. It was really neat
President Harding had to have surgery so he's been in there a couple days. We stopped by after church and went to give a lady a blessing and then gave her, another Elder the Sacrament. We had a mini Sacrament meeting a little later with President Harding, his wife and son. He is in the hospital with his shirt and tie on, his tag and his hair done. He just had a pretty major surgery and he is in there smiling and making everyone around him feel good. I don't think it is just the morphine either hahaha. It was really neat to see how important the Gospel is to him and even something "small" (even though its the most important thing in the church  as the sacrament is to him. He is such an inspiration. He is still doing work there from his bed all dressed up and everything ready to go. What a stud!