Monday, September 24, 2012

The Spirit of God Like a Fire is burning AGAIN

This was not the Elder's car but it was right next to their's
This was one crazy week!!!! I don't think many missionaries have to deal with this around the world no matter where they are at!!!
 We decided to wake up at 6 to go run and lift before we played tennis and there were all these saws and loud noises. I go outside and there is a car on fire!!!!!! Yes a car. Right in front of our apartment! Turns out the arsonist struck again. This time he used a rag soaked in gasoline and put it on the tire of a car so as you can see in the pictures that car got a little bit messed up! after studies I walked outside to get something out of the car and I got confronted by the police and the fire marshal saying that he also tried to light our car on fire. He used the a rag with gasoline and put it underneath our tire. Well guess what? The Lord paid for that car so as you can imagine there was minimal damage it was slightly melted where the rag was placed so for precaution we got a new tire and life moved on. They suspect it's the ex-husband of a woman who lives below us. I've heard gun shots, seen fights, lived in some very sketchy areas and now that I'm in one of the nicest cities in America the craziest stuff is happening! There is a $10,000 dollar reward for catching this guy so its tempting to maybe camp out hahahhaa. The senior couple that lives a few buildings away has warned me time and time again that if I see him I can't attack him. Pretty sure I can take him. If he thinks a lighter can protect him from me he's gonna be wrong hahaha. I'm kidding I'll be safe!!!

 Other than that this week was pretty normal. This whole fire thing is starting to become normal as well though haha. President Harding got here on Saturday and we have yet to meet him. We had a meeting set up before a teaching appointment yesterday and the Assistants forgot so we sat there for a while called and called and then went to our appointment which was soooooo good!!! We were teaching B. I've mentioned her before. She cancelled on Saturday because she was really sick. We took this kid named Ben who leaves next month on his mission to Everet Washington Spanish speaking. We wanted to take him out a few times so he could get used to hearing spanish a little. We were teaching B and she was asking us those questions like why does God let bad things happen in the world especial why does he let little kids die if the reason for life is to get experience why do they die before they get that and questions like that. After some scriptures and some solid testimony we shared her real concern came out. The Spirit was speaking through us by this point. I don't know why I said many of the things that I said i certainly would not be saying that personally. We were bold and forward and I made her promises in the name of the Lord and then Elder Anderson asked if she wanted a blessing. I was privileged to do it. We entered her house with her a little down and left with her beaming. She said she will come to church next week and try it again (she went 6 times about 2 years ago and stopped so missionaries stopped teaching her) she didn't have a great experience she is really just looking for that feeling that she is loved and is at "home" She is coming a long great and we are excited for the promises we made to be fulfilled. 

 Thursday night we started English classes. While in the church preparing we started speaking to a woman in the Materials Center and turns out she's the stake presidents wife. We have been trying for works to get an appointment with him a( Zone Leaders we work with stake leaders) We were telling her about the success our Zone has been having a few baptisms recently and 15 more baptismal dates for this and next month. She said her husband had seen the year to date numbers and was feeling a little depressed about it. She told us to go into his office and tell him. So we did. He was thrilled and invited us back for the Stake Presidency meeting at 8. We arrived introduced ourselves and mentioned aligning priesthood keys. They said very sincerely and honestly "I have an idea of what that means but what does that really mean to "align priesthood keys" so here we are two 21 year old boys teaching the Stake Presidency what it means to align keys. What an experience it was great! They were very humble and invited us back on a weekly basis to personally give them a report about the work in the zone every Stake Presidency meeting. We talked a lot about counseling together and returning and reporting. Shared some scriptures and some experiences that blew every ones mind! haha The young can confound the wise. We certainly did not do it alone I know that our words were guided.

 Other than that its been a normal week. Out working we set up a lot of appointments for next week and we are excited for whats going to happen here. :)

Sounds like a busy week for you all!!!! Happy Birthday Kaydie jo!!! I love you!!!

Love Tanner