Monday, April 30, 2012

Summer is here

Well it's sure starting to warm up here. The 50 degree weather we had last week is gone and is now up in the 90's with the wonderful humidity that Atlanta has. Its great!!! yep!
Elder Steele-Tanner's greenie

Elder Wood,Elder Steele and Elder Freeman 
Monday we had a really good Noche de Hogar with the M Family, J y E came and are still staying strong in investigating the church. We taught about prophets, while we were in sacrament meeting the Sunday before I was thinking of what we could do, a couple ideas hit me so i decided to try them out. We played the telephone game to demonstrate what happened to Chris'ts church after there were not prophets or apostles or the authority on the earth to tell us what we need. They all laughed at how obscured the phrase got at the end and it made a really good point. Then I hid in the kitchen and said I am God, only for this example... never again will I say I'm God!! I as God, called a prophet (N) I had her stand where she was the only one who could see me and she could see everyone else, then I had started to make gestures with my arms, jumping ... she had to do exactly what I did and the rest of the group had to "follow" her, well then the people rejected the prophet and killed her so I kept making gestures and asked everyone if they could do what i wanted them to do. My point was made and we had a blast with it. Things like that are way more fun when they get into it like they did. R was like wow Elder that was so fun, It was a great example. It was a blast haha.
Not a whole ton happened until Thursday I went down to Peachtree for a Leadership Meeting, I drove Elder Rainsdon down who is a district leader in a district near by. Its over an hour drive down there. The meeting went great, learned a lot. It was fun seeing all the other leaders, like Elder Heimuli and Cowley and Anderson and well a ton of people. Makes the meetings even more worth it.  The long drive took a huge toll on the few miles we had left for the month, so we have been walking the past 3 days, the nearest place that we work is 3 miles from our apartment so it takes an hour of walking before we can even really start working. It was kinda fun though. got to talk with people on the streets a little bit. My shoes decided to give me problems aka giant blisters on both feet. They have been such good shoes up until now, they just are over a year old and they are trying so hard to hang on!!! I switched the insoles from one pair to the pair that was giving me big problems and it helped a lot!!
On Sunday the Presiding Bishop, Bishop Stevenson came and spoke at stake conference, it was cool to hear about his experience of being called. He was living in Japan and the first presidency called him at 3 am and his intelligent response was "really". It was a great conference and tons of members from the Cunningham branch in Smyrna came down it was so fun to see all of them. One made that comment that i am still so skinny and that clearly the Chamblee memebers are not taking care of me enough or else 
I'd be fat, it is their goal to make me fat! For some reason thats a good thing to them. Guess what though..... NOT FAT!!! still got a six  pack, yep holding up real nice..... I am worried for what this next year will  bring once the metabolism slows down a bit!
We had a productive day on Sunday we went to see some investigators and then one invited us back for a little demo thing she said, she really wanted us there. Turns out it was an AMway group and we sat there for like 40 minutes and was just thinking "Wow I love vitamins and being healthy but all the stuff the lady was saying was not true haha... spanish people love healthy things, they believe anything that says it will make you better or does something for your health *this is coming from hispanics not from me) thankfully we had another appointment and a good excuse to get out of there. the consultants were really intersted in the gospel at least blown away by what we do as missionaries... maybe something will come of it???
Dinner at Z's (my spanish mom haha) was excellent as usual. Oh man can that woman cook!!!! She loves the missionaries and helps us out so much!!!

That's the week in the nutshell, more happened it's just been a week and I can't remember anything else. Love you all.
Miss you
Love Tanner