Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Crazy tired

P-Day! Elder C,Pres G, Elder S, Elder B and Elder M
This week was a whirlwind!!! So crazy!!! Some days I really wish that I was not a Zone Leader. These past few months just take a toll on you hahaha. I do enjoy it for the most part but when Elders keep fighting and then you have you have to do an emergency exchange,and have a companion for 2 days that does not speak Spanish and then wait for all the stuff to get done for an emergency transfer oh boy, I am worn out! Good news is though I'm not nearly as sick as I have been the past 4 weeks. We have so many people to teach and it was a still a really good week!

M is an investigator that I taught last time I was here and refused to commit to baptism finally accepted a date!!! She is such a neat lady. She finally feels like she can commit her self to it. She reads like everyday and has since we first invited her to. She does not enjoy going to church only because it is not as reverent as she feels the true church should be (the branch here has some problems with that I'm not going to lie) She decided that she knows its true and needs to go no matter what. 

 We found C again..She was someone that got lost since I was last here. After I left the area they split it up and divided the 3 spanish areas in the branch into 2 spanish areas. She some how was never visited after I left and fell through the cracks. Well I told Elder Baugh that she was ready when I was here at that was like 7 months ago. We knocked on her door and she was so excited we came. She said she had been waiting for us to come back. We taught her the Restoration again and committed her to a date early in January. She is so happy to be learning again. Its been so cool to come back here and see all these people again. She is so ready. She has prayed and knows its true. She's been waiting for missionaries to come back since I left. 

The V family is a neat family. I think I've mentioned them before. They are doing so great! They read everyday and he wants us to get the kids all involved and teach them. They all accepted a date for early in January and then came to church tomorrow and all three boys loved it!  
We have been having tons of success and have 3 baptism to prepare for in the next 2 weeks and a few for the first week in January. The crazy thing is I have no idea how we get all this stuff done and teach all these people and still take care of all the Zone Leader stuff like meetings and running stuff and taking care of problems. The Lords blesses us and we spend every second of our time doing something. I'm so tired by the end of the day its been taking a toll. But its a good kind of tired! The kind that makes you feel like I did something good today! Its been so great to see all of these people learn, progress and grow and enjoy the Gospel. Its been worth every tired moment (which now days is like every moment of the day) Time is flying by! Everything is all around great! :)