Monday, October 29, 2012


Thanks Coach Dupaix!
Mom note- We were lucky to get a first hand report that Elder Charlesworth is doing fantastic. One of the BYU coaches,Bro Dupaix lives in our ward and was kind enough to take Tanner a package and snap a picture.I received this picture just a few mintues after it was taken. Yes it is a mom thing, but it made me so happy. Bro Dupaix reported that Tanner looks great.
The View from the top

Here are some pics from the game!!! I had a blast! 

BYU!!! So that was basically an awesome game. What's funny I'm sitting next to the mother of number 81 a receiver from Georgia Tech. They are planning a trip to the game next year and I told her I'm from Utah and so I'm helping her plan her trip. 

Elder Anderson and Tanner

Elder Heimuli,ward member and Tanner. Check out the Elder in the background
Is that appropriate missionary behavior

That game was great!!! BYU destroyed.
Other than the pick 6 and the kick off return The game was nearly flawless. I was very happy about it!!!  Still not impressed with Rylie Nelson!!! I mean come on! BYU has NFL grade receivers and an incredible running back and they can't even hardly use them! Oh well they won. Finally did something with the offense. The Defense only allowed 3 points which is pretty great! I had a great time. There were only a couple Mormon haters on the corners on our way to the game. Clearly they had no idea what they were talking about hahahha. It was so funny. We just smiled and walked away. I almost started laughing out lot because they did not do any research hahaha. But apparently Brigham Young is burning in hell, just so you're all aware....hahahhahaha

            This week was a good week. Kind of un-eventful other than the game. Clearly that was my highlight! 

We are coming to an end of the transfer and Elder Anderson only has two weeks left. Which means I get a new companion and oddly I'm not that excited about it. 

It was fun seeing some old mission buddies there at the game. A member from Chamblee was there with his wife so I sat by them for most the game it was great catching up! 

We have been teaching a lot of people. Even driving as far as 40 miles to teach some people. That's a long drive here in Georgia. They didn't plan the roads out at all here! hahaha. 

Things are going really good. Our Branch is growing in faith and they are really great!! Its been so fun to serve here for this time and I am looking forward to staying here! I get to stay here for at least one more transfer. I am excited about that. 

I love you all!! Brenen that is a great buck!!! I want to hear the story about it!!! 

Another Mom note. This is what Tanner was referring to. 
Brenen's first hunt. Brenen looks like a mini Tanner.

Photo: Congrats to Brenen Charlesworth!!! He got his first deer!!!