Monday, December 5, 2011

Time goes too fast

The time is going by way too fast, Transfers are over next week. its so crazy! the 14th is only just over a week away.
 We found some new people to teach this week which is great. We found a family really late at night, we ended up getting back from a dinner and a lesson later than we wanted to, as we were getting out of the car we saw two ladies carrying a mattress. Of course we could not allow this, so I asked them if they needed help ( all of this is in spanish luckily) and we just grabbed the mattress and asked where it needed to go. It turns out that their plumbing above them collapsed so they had to move appartments. She said she had a taxi on the way to help take the rest of the stuff the the new room (on the other side of our complex) We told her to cancel it and we would move it all. So about an hour or so later we had it all done. While we were moving we got to know her a little bit, she is from Uraguay and just had a pre-mature baby two months before. She said to repay us she is ordering pizza and we can come over and teach her. So thats what we get to do tonight! YAY pizza!! Normal food. Oh yeah forgot to tell you, so the same lady that gave us chicken feet decided we needed to try paruvian style pansa (cow stomach) well I have eaten stomach before and it is horrible, this how ever was edible. probably the chewiest thing you could ever eat. So pizza is sounding so great right now!
 Glad Dads surgery went well! What is he going to do now that he cant run? Run half marathons instead of marathons?
Elder Heimuli and I are hoping we stay together this next transfer but we will see new spanish coming in (we dont need four right now) ha so who knows whats gonna happen.
Love y'all miss you!
Love Elder Charlesworth