Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Last week!

It's good being a nerd.

Bite from a 6 year old.

Good thing Tanner was already an Atlanta Braves fan before he left on his mission (Elder Reese from Idaho)

Day of Nations
We did service at the Temple on friday. We planted I'd say about 60,317 or so pansy's and double that in tulip bulbs. It took forever but it was a lot of fun. A member from my last area is the maintaince manager at the Temple so it was fun talking with him. Saturday night we went to Cunningham (my old Branch) and helped with the Dia da Naciones, It was so much fun. Saw all the old peeps from Smyrna. They even remembered me after 3 whole weeks haha. We sang "how can I be" super good song. We ate food from around the world and watched some dances from around the world (only the hispanic world) On Monday we had Zone P-day. We went to Piedmont park, it is a giant park down town Atlanta, pooring rain all we played soccer for 3 or 4 hours which was a blast.
 Its been a pretty productive last couple weeks. We've had lots of lessons and have been staying busy. The weather has turned for the worst and has been gross, foggy, rainy,chilly and stupid! I hate rain so bad! Waiting for my warm clothes package to come haha. Luckily its not super cold, just no sun and only rain. but i don't think its lower than 60 or 55 right now, but compared to what it was 2 weeks ago its super cold haha.
 How is everyone doing at home? Brener how is Lax? I am dying, i want to hunt so bad you lucky little guys, whos all hunting? all of them? Jerrs and Brener have blue cards now does that mean they are both hunting? Just going to say it right now, don't break my gun or scope! I have only shot that thing once! Its still a baby be gentle to the little guy. Kim already broke her face with it, next time you might break it you gonna get another scope ring tattoo this year? last time i checked those were not in style!
 We had to move our Baptisms for this sunday because of a bunch of stuff that happened, but its okay they will be soon!!!
The transfer is already half way over. time goes by so fast! can't believe christmas is almost here, christmas will be my 6 month mark! whats funny is tomorrow should really be my year mark! Things don't always go according to plan or the way we think they should go, But i suppose it will always work out in the end. It always has so far in my past don't see how this would be any different!
Love you all
Love Tanner