Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Bless your heart

Where's Elder C? Picture courtesy of Elder Gautavai's mom

This was a CRAZY week. We had lots of zone leader stuff going on. We were on exchanges and had those interrupted because we had to do an emergency exchange because two elders in our zone got in a fight and separated so we had to find them and split them up for the day. It was just all around kinda funny though. My companion called me ( I was in another area) and said hey two elders just split up...what do we do??.. Bless his heart, he has not even been out a year yet, first transfer as zone leader and he is doing a great job at it. I said well elder....we are going to go find them and then take care of it. All worked out well and the two are back together and happy.

We had Elder Corbridge of the 70s come and talk with us on Friday which was really great. He taught us many great things and I had a great time in the 7 hour meeting..... dang was I tired though hahahaha.

Sunday was probably the best day though. A got baptized(i'll send pics later) and then right before that G (a recent convert of mine) grabbed me with a hug full of excitement and asked me to give him the priesthood and ordain him a priest. That was one of the most spiritual experiences on my mission. First off just that fact that I was able to come back to this area and still be apart of his progression, second the Spirit that I felt during to blessing was so powerful. He is such a great example to me. He studies his scriptures. He loves to serve and he was SOOO excited to get the priesthood. He also grabbed me after the baptism and asked if it would be okay if he brought some friends of his to church the next week so we could teach them. I said yes G that would be just fine hahahaha. Such a great guy. 

A's baptism went great! There were a ton of people there and everyone enjoyed it. 

We are teaching a lot of great people who are reading and doing what they need to do. We can hardly keep up with all the people we have to teach and are working really hard on getting everything more organized so we can do more with our time... and we plan a lot as it is. We just need to figure something else out so we can get in everyone that we want to. 

I hope that everything is going good for you all. Brenen keep it up in wrestling!! I want to see some pics of that soon. Guppy thanks for your letter, I will write you back soon!!!

Hope all is well.