Monday, May 7, 2012

96 degrees?? are you kidding me??‏

So this week as been aggravating only by the fact that it has been 96 degress, so that on top of humidity I have not dried off for the past week.
View from Stone Mountain
Stone Mountain
We started off the week by going to Stone Mountain park. I have been there before but its always fun to go and hiek up the giant granit rock, thats what it is, its not a mountain its a granit zit on the earth! We went as a district and had a blast despite the 96 degress in the middle of the day. We were in a little gift shop and i started talking to a couple Spanish people, they were from Cuba and were visiting from Texas, we talked for a while about what we do as missionaries and he said he had seen a lot of missionaries in texas and now because of me he would pay more attention to them. Its really cool how god puts us in places even if we make just a tiny difference. And I got to practice my Spanish, Cubans are probably the hardest to understand, and I understood them, so that was cool huh?
J is out of town for 3 weeks, he is working in Kentucky, so we will have to move the baptism back a little bit so they can get married when he comes back. We still taught E this week and she came to church so that was good.
We had a super good lesson with a lady named M we have taught her a couple times and she is really hard to teach, but the last two times we taught her she understood really well and didn't go way out there with her comments. Yesterday we went by with N and she had sent us a text the night before that we never got, but she showed it to us and she said that she couldnt make it to church this week but promised she would be there next week (she sent the text at 2 am) and said that she ws up thinking about our message and was deciding what she needed to do about it. I asked her if she believed it was true and if Joseph Smith is a prophet. She said that she now knew she needed to read the Book of Mormon in order to find out and that the names are hard for her to understand like moroni and nefi and lehi but that she would work past that and she really wants to know.  She commited to reading the book of mormon and praying and coming to the branch activity saturday and church on sunday, N told her that she would be there to pick her up so just be ready, and that she didnt need to worry about asking for  ride cause she just offered, N is super awesome and probably the best team up we could ever have. she served a mission when she lived in mexico so really knows what she is doing on top of her being one of the coolest people ever everyone loves her so it works out great!
Elder Gonzalez from the Presidency of the 70 came to our branch yesterday with his wife. He ended the meeting with his testimony and then said the 3rd hour he would do a Q and A. The Members were able to ask a ton of questions on how to improve the branch and build the branch stronger. He answered all the questions and then taught the doctrine behind each answer. It really helped the branch out. I think it gave them a little push that they needed. We have been working on a branch mission plan and focus families with the branch council and I think this was just what they needed to get that extra desire.
Things are going great here. we are super busy and its nice. We are literally so busy especially in the evening that members are calling or stopping us in church complaining that we have not been by or have not had dinner. sorry but two dinner appiontments a night is more than I want, and they are asking me to have 3.... no way!!! haha. At least the members like us. They will just have to take turns hahahaha
Brenen good job and scoring goals, keep working hard and listen to mom all of you kids.
Love you all Love Tanner