Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Well we were in by 6:00 pm on New Years, Not my typical New Years celebration but it was okay we played this fun game called Stragego and Phase 10(I dominate at phase 10, just sayin)
Its actually been a really hard week. We worked very hard and went by so many people. All of our investigators are single mothers so we can't go into their homes,  all we can do is see if there is anything we can do and try to find a team up for the appointment we scheduled. It has been very hard working here versus being in Atlanta. In Chamblee we had a couple of people who were available any time, all day, everyday, to go out with us. Here we do not have that blessing, its has gotten to the point where we are going to take non-spanish speaking members with us just so we can teach a normal lesson. Things are going good though.
We have some solid people we are teaching who are reading the Book of Mormon on their own, we just need to get in and teach them. We met with the Cassville ward Bishop and he has given us some people we can visit and different ideas so things are picking up.
 Its different here, but I like it. Being in the country feels good. I like the country. I am not a city living boy so its nice to be out here, but the work in the city is so much easier haha, thats okay I like a challenge. It has been so cold out here though, it is nice and sunny and then you walk out side and its 24-32 degrees, well today I think it got up to 34 for a bit so thats nice.
 On monday for P-day yesterday we went and met up with some members in a park and had a big football game. It was so much fun being active and playing football I have not done anything like that since Thanksgiving, it was so good. I even played really well i was surprised, Caught a few touchdowns, ran a couple in and even threw a couple touch downs, haha it was such a good time. Then we decided to pull out our inner nerd and have a yugi-o card battle, A member has tons of cards so we all went at it. I have not done anything like that since grade school and I still love it I won't lie. I am such a nerd, but I love it!
 Hope everyone had a great new year and you all had fun. Good luck back in school!
Love Elder Charlesworth