Monday, November 5, 2012


This week was fantastic!!!! Such a good week. Everything is falling into place now.

Atlanta temple
We have been teaching a newly married member's husband and he will be baptized this coming Saturday the 10th! It has been such a treat to teach him. He really just wants to learn and change his life. He is from Puerto Rico! He married the granddaughter of a Emeratis 70 that lives in our branch Hno. Sanches. So he is in good hands when we are not there. Hna. Sanches reminds me so much of Grandma Charlesworth!!!! SOOOOO much its literally makes me double take every time we are there. The way they look,dress,cook and help and love everyone! She is just the sweetest little lady! We have spent a lot of time over there teaching "titto" and its been so great. Makes me miss home a tiny tiny bit though!!

Yesterday in church for the first time EVER we had to bless more water for sacrament because we ran out. We added it up and based on the cups that were used there were 99 people. Normal attendance when i first got here was about 45-50 on a good day its doubled!!! We had a bunch of investigators there, Less actives a lot of people. And we even have active members that are out of town!
What a problem we had right, so many people we had to bless more cups!!!!

The members have really gotten on board! They are giving us referrals, inviting friends over to have us teach them. This is how missionary work should be! Just last night we went by a members home and she had friends there and said. "elders I have promised them a book of mormon for a few days now and have not gotten it to them can you give them one and explain it to them" So we taught the restoration and then Blessed them with a prayer that the end and then We gave their 8 year old daughter a priesthood blessing because she has been struggling in school. Everyone was touched and we testified to the father that as the leader of his home and when he is baptized he can bless his children like we just did.

 We are looking forward to what this week brings. We will be running crazy busy all week! Even get to go up to the temple in Spanish on friday!!!

Love you all, hope everything is going great.

Love Tanner