Monday, April 23, 2012

I'm a daddy (not a fan of mission slang but when you train you're a dad )

Well I'm not training Elder Freeman, he is in the branch though. Real nice kid. So i will see him weekly!
My greenies name is Elder Steele he is from a family of 10 kids, he is the second to youngest and is from preston idaho.

Last week was fantastic!! We had a great family home evening with the M family with an Investigator and her two 5 year old girls (yes they are twins incase you missed that) after the lesson we went to El Rey de Taco which is a super good authentic mexican taco place. I ate 7 large tacos there are mini and regular sized i ate the bigger ones but whished i would have gotten the smaller ones so i didnt end up as full lol. I ate 4 carne asada and 3 champinon (mushroom) tacos... oh they were so good. 
Tuesday was a really special day. We had the baptism for C, from the D.R. she is really great. We had a couple bumps in the road and she was almost not able to be baptized that day but she fought through it all and we made it happen. The service was so fantastic. The spirit was so strong she was so happy and relieved that she could be baptized. The trial she made it through made it even more special and showed God how devoted she really was. During her confirmation the spirit came in like a hailstorm. It was a very special blessing she was given and I realized how special this baptism really was. She returned to the D.R and called her member friend here and he told us she is doing good and that she is probably the happiest girl in the entire world right now. And that she has a huge family and there will probably be a large number of people coming into the church now. 

Elder Stockman- Tanner's companion for 9 days. Baptism day
The week went by so fast but when I look back it seems like it was forever ago. Wednesday I picked up my little boy and we headed back got him unpacked and then we went to dinner with the M family, J and E came. They really are just meshing right in with the Branch and the Branch namely the M family and a couple other people have really taken them in. J and E said they had not been out or even hung out with anyone for a really long time. That all their friends kinda just faded away and they didn't feel like getting new ones. They just stuck to them selves for a long time, but now they are love the members and love the church, the best part is they have testimonies that are strong so the social life is not the only reason they come. Last night he told me that they used to go to a Christian church that started at 11 and they would make it there around 12 because they didnt care it was not important but they they wake up at 8 and are to church at 9:30 and pay attention and love every bit of it. We had a really good talk with them last night. In priesthood a little bit of false doctrine was taught so we we went over and explained to him the resurrection and how what was taught was false and it turned out really good. He never believed it in the first place. we talked about praying to find out answers yourself just like Alma did and others in the book of Mormon.  They really are becoming very close are dear to me each day. J even got me a Spanish text book called Mastery of Spanish so that i can get the little details down. He really helps me by correcting the little things I miss now its great. 

Elder Steele is really chill and we get a long great. He is really nice and very quiet, but that's okay it wont hurt for me to learn to be a little quieter right? 

It's going really good here, I love this area and the members here. It gets better everyday. Its nice speaking this much Spanish again as well. We really have a lot of people who are willing to love to go out with us, N someone who I have been close with since I first came here last august is a return missionary and is on fire with testimony now that she has gone back through the temple and really turned things around. she is a huge strength in the branch and always goes with us to lessons or calls and invites our investigators to her house for dinner or to go out she is a friend to everyone. 

Brenen I heard you scored some goals that is awesome I hope your birthday went great. I wrote you a letter but was not able to send it today but i was thinking of you!!! keep working hard at LAX love you buddy!!

Brenen said in his letter that You guys got a new car??? or were getting a new car??? what did you get, i want pictures!!! 

I hope everyone is doing great, its so weird that Grandpa is retired now. Whats he gonna do with all that time. I bet he builds some sweet crazy contraptions at the farm cause he did that when he didnt have all this time si i cant imagine what he will think up next. I love and miss you all... yes all of you haha.

Elder Haycock  aka Nolan a best friend from Spanish Fork. He was the  first missionary Tanner met in Atlanta

Love Tanner