Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Where's the shorts

I'm not going to lie, I am kind of tired of writing these weekly letters, I realized the other day I have only taken pictures of our baptisms this month, and that's about it. We are so busy and We do missionary work everyday. Yes incredible things happen, so many things that I am so grateful for, but they all blur together by the time Monday comes! , I just feel like I don't have time anymore and everything literally is a blur!!! We run from appointment to appointment with no time between! If we are not doing that we are knocking doors and looking for new people to teach. Its hard to pull things out after all this time.
We are still just really excited about the V family! They are incredible.  Last night we basically planned out their wedding. They are so funny, and we have so much fun with them. We talk about the gospel 90 percent of the time there the other 5 is random stuff and the the other 5 is laughing! They are having a lot of really neat experiences with reading, praying and receiving personal revelation. They are doing their part and getting the rewards! They have also started with the habit of feeding us each time we go over. It started with Chocolate (hot coco) and cookies and now its a full meal hahaha. They don't give us the choice either its, okay lets pray so you can bless the food and then, we'll eat and keep talking it does not matter if we tell them we just ate haha. Yesterday we ate 4 dinners!!!!!! I felt so fat and so sick, but it tastes sooooo goood!!!! Mexican food is the best!
We have a lot more people we are still working with. We also keep finding new people to teach which is great. Basically we are going to go from teaching 20 lessons a week to teaching 30 here in the next couple weeks. We already have days this week that are totally filled up, no room for any more appointments. Its just a big problem ;)
Jack glad you got to go skiing!  Sure do miss that snowboarding. Here its 75 degrees with no sun! It does not feel right to me! It was way colder last year! Here we are wanting to wear shorts and you are all bundled up like Eskimos!!! hahahaha its raining here though and I don't like it, but hey at least its not freezing!!
Hope you all have a great week! Stay out of trouble and don't freeze!!
Love Tanner