Monday, March 26, 2012

Guatemalan Creme

So this week started off just fantastic with a very, very bad stomach problem. A member's husband was visiting Guatemala and brought back some homemade Crema from her mother. She is just the nicest lady ever and made my favorite food cause she knows how much I like it (its called Tinga, its mexican but she learned how to makes it for me, how nice is she) well Hispanic sour cream is soooo much better than the crap we have in the states so I was excited. It tasted sooooooo good I was just loading it on there. Well the next morning I was woken up at 4 am with a big problem. And thus it continued for four days of just the worst runs i think I've ever had. I thought I had a stomach virus at first, Started feeling a little better, then wham it hits again its now been a week and I'm still having issues (so is Bakes) so I think the cream might have had something in it and we might need to seek medical help because its so scary being out working and not knowing what might happen (no accidents so far thank goodness).
Other than that its been a good week. A our main investigator got out of jail last week and I was on exchanges with an Elder who is going home this transfer (oh it was such a nice change to be with him for two days) We taught A and it was a great lesson. She is so awesome and has so much faith.
We got in a couple lessons this week. We got into a little prank fight (can't give details) but we will just say that the Elders dominated and the people who attacked us ran off in shame ohhhh it was EPIC. 
That was not this last week but the one before that. The computers were down so I couldn't email. 

This last week we taught A again and it was a really good lesson. She is very close to a baptismal date. I had a lot of prayers answered lately, it was a really good week. God answers ours prayers on HIS TIME well this week our schedules were on the same page cause it all just worked out. A got out of jail and was not deported, her boyfriend who was her main block at progressing more in the Gospel has now softened and is even willing to listen to us and let them go to church and apologized to her for everything. He had her phone while she was in jail and I think he saw that we really cared about her and it softened him. He is a really good guy takes care of her and her kids and her two nephews. We texted her phone to try and get an appointment and he told us the news, so got all the info he had on her asked how the kids were and if they needed anything then just kept checking up on them throughout the week. He was very helpful and not rude at all I didn't even think it was him until Araceli told us. 

We have been working a lot with some less active families which is always fun! The Lfamily is really active We are trying to get her a calling. She is even taking the Temple prep classes. Her oldest son who is not a member just moved back in with his wife, might be some work to be done there. 

The M family is going back to church now. They live in our same complex so yesterday at 8:30 AM we went by and woke them up so they'd be ready to go at 10:30 when the ride we got them showed up. Her husband owns/runs two food joints and works every Sunday and he takes the car cause they are in the next town over. He is the one who originally joined and got the family to join. He gets mad when they don't go to church but he never goes himself. We are starting to have family home evening each Monday with them, he is normally home on Mondays so it works out.

F is a returned missionary he is like 50 and is taking care of a 5 year old child his x-wife adopted. Such a great guy he has learned how to take apart and put back together every single transformers toy because that's what Kevin likes to do. He learned how to play video games for him even. He always is feeding us just a really great guy. Really lazy though. Sundays he gets to sleep so that's what he does. We had a team up from the elders Quorum go with us who speaks Italian (it is so close to spanish its unreal) and we had just a really powerful and spirit lead lesson. We started in Jacob 3 then went to heleman and ended in alma ch.5 it talks about him fasting and praying and getting a witness from the Holy Ghost, So I asked him how he got his testimony, He told us about how he got it and it was on his mission and he told us another story of how he helped a companion from Idaho get his testimony or at least stay on his mission. Then I committed him to coming to Priesthood session on Saturday he started making excuses then changed his mind said it was only two hours and he'd take his 16 year old son Pancho with him (Pancho hates the church, their divorce really messed up the family a bit) I'm excited he is getting his Gahanahs back (desire).

Both the wards are really getting on board with us this past two weeks our calendar has been full of English members dinners and one family is even giving a referral for 7 homes on their street that are the same spanish family. Thats like 35-40 people. They are going to have a BBQ or something to have them all over. They are all really starting to back us. We have English Classes set up to start in two weeks. Have the teachers, the materials everything. They are really backing us. 3 Transfers of work is really starting to show. Its been such a blessing that I have gotten to witness it. 

Glad to hear everyone is doing well. Oh p.s. the ward mission leader in the Cartersville ward Brother Weber got a job that he starts in July working in the federal prison teaching institute classes so He will be working with Grandpa lake, small world eh??

Love you All
Love Elder Charlesworth