Monday, November 26, 2012

3 dinners

So this week was pretty crazy! I'd have to say the most crazy part was the 3 Thanksgiving dinners we ate and how full I was and how bad I slept because of it! The food was great though!

 We have been working with a family that has recently been reactivated and there is a 13 year old girl named A. When I got here I realized she was not baptized so I turned to my companion and said lets get on that. She comes to church every week why is she not been invited to be baptized yet, I don't know. So we grabbed her at church and said A, you want to be baptized right? She said YES! so we said okay we are going to start teaching you. She will be baptized this Saturday and she is very excited a long with her mom. 

We are working with a lot of fantastic families and people right now. One them is named M she is Guatemalan but spent a lot of her life in Mexico where she has two kids that are members. She really wanted to have her son her to see her be baptized but have had troubles getting a visa in the past. So she was going to wait. We had an incredible lesson with her. We talked about acting in faith and leaving the rest to the lord. We concluded that if her son was supposed to be here and she did every thing in her power to get him here then by the 22 of December he would be here if it was the will of the Lord. She is so devoted and such a great lady. He son has no idea she has even been taking the lessons from us and especially that she is going to be baptized. The Elders went by her house for years in Mexico.

 E is also a great man we are working with. He has history with some of the members here and lives with the M Family. He really wants to be baptized and is trying so hard to make the changes in his life that he feels he needs to do. He wants to be baptized on the 24th (Mexico Christmas) So we are preparing him for that day. On top of these three people we are teaching some great and amazing people that are really trying to find the truth.The Lord truly is hastening his work here and around the world! 

Its great to be back here in Chamblee Branch things are just moving along great!!! 

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!!! Sure do miss those family parties. No one does Thanksgiving like the Dukes! 

Love Tanner