Tuesday, June 12, 2012

So i honestly don't care about the numbers but just so you have an idea of how busy we really are here we had 10 investigators at church on Sunday. We have truly been blessed with a couple families to teach and a lot of others that are really trying to do what they can to find the truth. 
 Monday we decided to go play some sports in a local park. It was 93 degrees on a black top court that seems even hotter. A couple local guys showed up and we got some pick up ball going. After one game the 3 other Elders with me said they were too tired and sat down, so there was me against 4 black guys, they were all 18-25 years old and really good at basketball the heat sure got to me and being out of shape and my general lack of great basketball skills. I dunk it on them tho so that was pretty awesome! I even hit a few threes but wow was i worn out!!!  
   We have this investigator that is really interested. She comes to church, activities, etc. She  lives in a complex with members so we have her over there for lessons and teach her at her house as well. She told us that she now knows its true. That the Book of Mormon and the Bible work together and that its the true church, then she said..... she does not want to be baptized. She understands that's what the next step is and that's why she does not want to get baptized right now. She said she feels she can't fulfill the covenants that you make and that because she does not have a car if someone can't take her one week she can't go to church and that really bothers her. I think over time she will be softened and do what she needs to do. I really kinda respect her for why she is not being baptized right now, Because she truly understands what it means and the commitment involved.
We moved here from Honduras about four months ago and didn't know how to get to the church. She found an English ward but couldn't understand or talk to anyone so when we knocked on her door she was very excited. She is 22 and lives here with her two Aunts that are not members. They all came to church on Sunday and she made some great comments in the Gospel Principles class that really helped  a lot of the investigators there including her Aunts. They asked us when we can come teach them and are really excited about everything at church.
I swear almost everyone I have met over the past few weeks are from Honduras I am not sure what that means but seriously like 20 people I have met only recently are from Honduras. 

 We taught a lot of people this week, a lot of really great and interesting people we are really looking forward to what the next few weeks bring. An investigator told us a really cool story last night, she will be baptized in a couple weeks (as soon as they get the marriage license) she live din LA for a long time and always noticed the Elders passing by each day and her first thoughts were "wow these guys don't have anything to do they just walk around with their backpacks and try talking to people all day" then at a local place she used to go too every Sunday she noticed the missionaries teaching the owner of the store each Sunday and then a little bit later the owner of the store had her whole family there and then after a couple months the store was closed on Sundays because they all joined the church. She knew that the owner had changed because she said before she was really sad all the time and not very nice and then after she had been baptized she totally changed. She was happy ALL the time even gave free things out to people only for the sake of being nice. She said she had forgotten about that until recently. Its interesting how we get experiences that prepares for later in life right?

The making of the famous potato salad
To spare you all huge email Ill jsut cut to the end of the week. Sunday night I was up super late making Dads Potato Salad that was asked for again by popular demand. I had to boil about 30 potatoes and 20 eggs. That takes awhile it was worth it though they ate the entire bowl!!! Dad I added in a few extra spices and used a little bit of mayo that has lime juice in it. It turned out pretty decent! 

 I hope everyone is having a great week. Brenen Glad you are home even though you did nothing in the hospital except order food and watch disney channel, sounds like fun to me. Bet you go bored though after a few days huh?

Love you all

Many hand make light work