Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day Weekend

Well happy mothers day again!!

It was so great talking with all of you! Sounds like things are going well there!! Besides the fact uncle Donald got shot, Uncle Greg got his finger bit off... i'm scared to see what happens to dad?? I guess i'm not the only accident proned one huh??? haha

well i jsut talked with you so i'm not sure what to say really hahahaha.

we had a really fun time at the activity on saturday. The men set the gym really nice and cooked everything and the youngmen served the women at their tables. They had music and dancing it was a lot of fun to see them having fun. We had a lot of investigators and less actives come it was a great turn out!!

We had dinner at a part members house from Puerto Rico after we got done talking, wow it was good. she cook ham with pineapple and cherries, pork thigh, rice, and salads. It was so good i ate way to much! (against my will, haha they give you so much food its not funny)

The went went really good. We had a meeting down in peach tree for the trainers again and it was pretty neat. we learned how to use some cool things on mormon.org and we had some good trainings on how to teach and study better. I enjoyed it! President S is going home at the end of this transfer so its going to be interesting to see the changes that will be coming!!!... I enjoy change so it wont phase me, i'm just excited for what ever comes (unless he is a natzi then i retract my liking change statement) 

Love you all hope everything is going great.... have fun up there 

Love Tanner

We got to Skype with Tanner on Mother's Day!!