Monday, July 9, 2012

Time to pack

On P-day we went and played some sports. A little basketball, a little soccer. I totally dunked it. I'm getting my jump back!!!
 We did the usual Noche de Hogar with the M family. This time it was a little different. I tried playing a mormon messgages and it only had subtitles so i was like hmmmmm which one should i do then. I put on the one called "better things will come" by Elder Holland. Well by the end of the message almost everyone in the room was crying. The spirit came in blanket and covered the whole room. It was a very neat experience.
 On the 4th we had a lot of fun. We had a soccer tournament. I played way to many games it started getting way to hot. I scored a couple goals tho so that was cool. We had a blast a lot of people showed up.
 K and his wife invited us over for lunch and we had a lesson. K will be baptized in two weeks. We are really excited for him. He has really stepped out and come out of his shell its been a really cool transformation to watch like I mentioned last week. His friend G is really coming to like what we are teaching as well we have had some great lessons with them and now K has his own testimony and helps us testify to G.
 Another family in the ward that we have been working with called us over for Carne Asada!!!! Always a big treat. They made GIANT tacos. Its a dish from their state in Mexico i mean this taco is HUGE like large pizza crust folded in half filled with beans meat salsa and cheese!!! I wish I had a picture to show you it was awesome! We had to be in by six p.m. so we played some card games and then ordered pizza I even got to bed a little early it was so great!!!

 We finally met President Snow and his wife. We had a great meeting with them he has a lot of experience over 10 years as a full time missionary. He was only released last year as a 70. He has already made a lot of changes here and I like them. He changed the way we do numbers and the way we do transfers. I am being transferred to Spanish Fayetteville with a kid who was Elder Steele's companion in the MTC. Yep another young one. I don't think I will ever not be with someone who is new for the rest of my mission haha. I am really kinda sad I am being transferred. We have so much going on here and so much left to do. I got really close with the people we are teaching and the branch but this is the mission and its time to go somewhere else.
 Nayeli had a birthday so we were put in charge (the night before) to invite some people for a surprise party and make the cake. So we called some people made the cake showed up and Nayeli got there before everyone else did. She was still very surprised and really enjoyed it. We put trick candles on her cake and she had to blow them out at least 6 times haha.
 We went over to teach an Investigator that has been kinda skipping out on us the past couple weeks she finally let us in and after a really good lesson she said she needed to tell us something. She cleans houses as a living and was talking with one of the owners as she cleaned. The owner asked where she goes to church. She said now where right now but I'm listening to the "Mormons" in my home and I'm going to start going with them. The lady flipped out and started yelling at her and told her all these crazy things crazy things about "Mormons"  She said to throw away the book and that its all of the devil. So she was terrified she came home threw away the book and hid from us a couple days. Then her husband said what are you doing they are not bad. So she prayed and said she knew we were not bad. She lost two houses she cleans because she listens to the mormons but she says that she knows its true and wants to meet with us every week no matter what happens. She felt so bad she threw the Book away then said she had been reading it everyday in her free time and loved it. She said she needed to tell us this because she felt so bad about it. Some people are crazy! haha. So i said well here is your test, how do you feel when we teach you and when you read from the book and she said she feels so good and. I told her there is your answer if you feel good there is now way it could be bad. Satan can imitate a lot of the things God can do. Healings, miracles he can even appear as an angel. He cannot imitate the Holy Ghost and thats what tells us when something is good!

Glad you all had fun on the 4th I miss you all and miss all the family fun.

Love tanner