Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Just one of those weeks

Everyone has those weeks that when it gets to the end you go "finally, end of the week is here this week sucked" well this was one of those weeks. It was not horrible, nothing terrible happened, that is it though. NOTHING happened good or bad.
I was still pretty sick all week. So working was tough. We started working early in the day everyday and kept working to no avail. No one was home or no one would open the door. We had a Car Fast on the 1st and I will be honest these are kind of pointless for Spanish Elders, but we do them anyways. No Hispanics are home during the day. It started poring rain as we were walking. I made a list of about 30 or so people to go see and well one person opened the door and the Lady we were looking for was "in the shower" I don't think people realize how unoriginal that is. Just tell us you don't want us to come by that's all it will take. Two people did stop and ask to gives us a ride tho one of them was a random guy, not even a member he was trying to do a good deed. We were at the street we were a block away from the street we were going to knock so we declined but thank him so much for being nice haha.

And thus the week continued no one was home, couldn't get any appointments. No one returned calls. We did have a high light of the week though. A girl in the English Cassville ward that I am over got baptized. I did the interview on Thursday and it went great. She said " I feel like I was prepared by God for this church" and I said "yes, I know you were." She had already told her job she can't work on Sundays. The baptism went really well. We showed up and then they asked us to teach the restoration. Well I have never really taught that in English, but I think it went pretty well. Elder Klus and I did a decent job. He then bore his testimony of joining the church only a year and a half ago. The girl who was getting baptized, her parents were there and I think it really made a difference to them. The spirit was very strong the whole time.

We have come to the conclusion that we do not have the support we thought we had for the Spanish members Yes I agree they should learn English, That however does not solve any problems for why they don't want to attend church right now. they just get nothing out of it other than taking the sacrament. I have a few ideas and have been asking members what the ward could to help them and what they could do to help them selves. They are getting a Spanish temple prep class going so that will be great. I have a few ideas that we are going to start doing these next couple weeks we will see how they go.

The week was tough, but we are doing good. We ended up getting a couple lessons and a new person to teach yesterday. Hopefully this week will be a little easier for us. If not oh well we will work anyways. Klus is really starting to come out of his shell in lessons. He will do good. I know it. It just takes time. We have fun together and get along great so it will be really good once he really opens up. He has a hard time getting comfortable around new people, Especially in Spanish. He is making progress though. Love the Kid.

I hope everyone is doing great at home. I miss you all.
Love Tanner