Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Old Gray Van flashback's

Well I really am pulling a blank on this week. Lets see if I can remember any of it.

We had meet the President on Thursday with the  Atlanta Zones and our zone. So we all met up at the mission office to take the trip up to Atlanta (about 30 miles) we were told to use the large mission van (felt like I was back at home in the big gray van) So of coarse I was asked to drive that big ol' thing. I don't know how grandpa could handle an RV here in Atlanta. So with 14 missionaries behind me and two other cars following we headed up to Atalanta. No  accidents or anything exciting happened on this trip. Just some laughing and good conversation. We had to drive all the way down to Griffin (30 miles below Peachtree) to drop off the elders there and then drive another 40 miles to the north east to make it for our dinner appointment, pick up the food, teach a short lesson and then drive 20 miles east to Peachtree City to make in time to teach our English class and then the Stake presidency meeting. 
The Class was great we had a couple people show up and then A stayed for a lesson and church tour afterwards. He started talking at the end of the lesson as we were sitting in the chapel. He kept making it sound like he was confused and didn't know what to do we were all getting confused at that point wondering what was going on he had always liked what we taught, seemed excited for his baptism. Well he brought it back around and made his point, and then talked about how he was inviting all his family to his baptism even though they give him a hard time for joining the church and listening to us. He is a great guy and we are excited for November 3. He came to General conference and really enjoyed it. 
 The rest of the week was pretty normal. We, like I have mentioned earlier, have been asked to bless all those that we meet with the Peace of Christ and I will tell you this....It works miracles almost everyday its been such a change here in the mission in only a couple weeks,A few days for most the missionaries. As Zone Leaders we are trying to train it and teach and show and help and guide the other missionaries so they can understand why we do it, what we do and how to do it. Its been a challenge somewhat at times because some missionaries just don't seem to get it or think they get it but don't. Its to be expected since it is a new finding tool and  new things for us here in general. I certainly have seen a difference in myself and how we act. The whole purpose behind it is to use the authority we have as representatives of Jesus Christ and bless those we contact or teach or see with his peace anything else we feel that they need. We are removing the road blocks from their lives with the authority that we carry. Truly coming to understand who we are and what we are supposed to do. Think back to the Pearl of Great Price and how Moses changed when he understood that he was created by God and was His child. If you really know who you are so many struggles in your life will go away. Just like if you know that Joseph Smith was a prophet, The Book of Mormon is true and that Jesus is the Christ and through Him we are saved you know that our church is true and that any other doubts or concerns don't matter because they other things are true so we know our concerns are going to be taken care of. If we know who we are and where we come from our life just got a lot easier, not easy, easier!

Sorry this is so short its been a great week and have had some great experiences. Jack good job and the Pronghorn I want pictures and the story.

Love you all

Love Tanner