Tuesday, October 16, 2012

This week was a good one it went by very fast! Seems like the weeks keep going by faster. My companion now only has 4 weeks left in his mission which is hard to believe cause when he came here it was 12 weeks. Time is going way too fast. At times it sure is nice though.

 We have been working with a guy named J he goes by the nick name "chu-chin" he lives with the relief society president he is her Godson (big catholic thing) He has taken the lessons before but was just not interested at all. Well recently we have been teaching him and inviting him to do things. He has been doing them. He has been coming to church and even watched conference on his own. Hermana Medorio told us to extend a baptismal date and see what happens. So we did. We had a great lesson and invited him to be baptized probably like 7 times...allow me to explain. He kept saying how true he knows the church is and that he has no doubt that he will be baptized one day and that this is the true church its where he knows he needs to be etc... but he understands the commitment involved with being baptized and he kept saying how he does not want to get baptized and then mess up.So we'd teach something... he's respond well and so we'd invite him again...and again and again. So then we just talked and tried to get his concerns out. We found out later that he is scared we will not be able to quit smoking or drinking. He has agreed to us teaching him all the lessons again and we will teach him 3 times a week. He is coming to church by himself and actually really helps us out in our gospel principles class. He answers questions and yesterday we had a new couple there for the first time he helped answer their questions. Its only a matter of time until his faith is strong enough to come closer to Christ. he is on the right path.

Tuesday night we had an appointment with the Stake High Councilman over missionary work and his family. We talked about some things. Their own personal work of salvation efforts and after some discussion. Their concerns and feelings We all got on our knees and I blessed them with the things and the opportunities to accomplish the goals they had to invite their friends. Well we got a call Wednesday morning from Brother Griffiths( he loves stars wars by the way and is a pilot instructor) he said he had an experience he wanted to share with us. He told us that after the blessing we left with them that he prayed that night and then the next morning before entering work that God would put someone new in his way that he could share the Gospel with. He said one hour later one of his employees  walked into his office with a restoration dvd and a Book of Mormon in hand and asked if she could talk to him about it. She had a lot of questions and she got the Book of Mormon and DVD from someone else that he had invited to a fireside about a year ago. He said Elders prayer works!!! They are a great family and a huge example to the saints in the area here. They are always inviting people. More than most families do and they are so concerned and care so much for opportunities to do so. Even their teenage kids invite friends all the time. They are so great. Its been such a privilege to work with him.

Friday night we had day of nations of Dia de las Naciones. All the members make food and put on display stuff from their home country and some preform dances. It was a blast. There was over 200 people who came. Great turn out and a lot of fun! I enjoyed eating all the food the most. Where else can you get empanadas form Argentina  chicken from Colombia with coconut rice, and horchata from Mexico all at the same time???... I don't think my stomach could have been happier It was so great. I ate way too much and loved every bite of it!!!! I'll send pictures soon. Forgot my camera today. It was a great time.

F asked us if we could go watch his cross country meet so we drove out there to cheer him on. His family was not able to make it so good thing we went. We had many funny looks and many people came up to us "hey, Elders i'm a mormon, I go to this ward etc." there were about 80 schools there for this race it was a big one put on by Asics company there was one member who happens to be a coach and came over with some of her team to talk with us. After wards we heard their conversation. The girls were all asking what we were and why we dressed like this so she explained and then told them about her mormon.org profile and shared some Gospel things. Its interesting how God puts us where we need to be. We really do need to go where the people are. That's why I'm so excited for the BYU vs. GT game we were going to get a lot of people asking about us!

Sunday Elder Anderson and I were lucky and got to speak in sacrament meeting. I spoke on power in the Scriptures and then ended earlier so he could speak longer since its probably his last time speaking before he goes home. The Branch President then said some very nice things about us. He basically said that they forget most missionaries that pass through but that we make a difference there and well I wont go into detail but it was really nice and then he came up to us after the meeting and said that he meant everything he said. Its just good to know that we are making a difference!

GOOD LUCK on all the hunts go get a big one.

Love Tanner