Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Spanish Etowah

Well first week was a little different than I've ever experienced here on the mission. Elder Benedict was sick so we didn't get to do a whole lot. We serve in two wards they each have a spanish group so we should have lots of work with both wards.
 I walked into Sacrament meeting yesterday and someone from the bishobrick said you're speaking today.......ummmm..... what????..... haha so I spoke, just about the book of mormon which was easy but a surprise. (its getting harder to speak about gospel stuff in english than in spanish) then after sacrament a spanish member grabbed me and said the teacher went home sick so I taught the class with 30 seconds notice. It turned out pretty okay, we had an investigator there so I tried tying the Birth of Jesus Christ (because its christmas) into the restoration and she shared some cool insights and experiences I think the class went okay, the spirit is a great teacher, I cant do a whole lot that's for sure.
I have already gained two new nick names here, apparently "prince" is here to stay, only now its "Prince Charming" oh and Clark Kent, last area I was spider man because of my glasses and this area I'm clark kent because of the glasses.
 The spanish Elders here before have not really been working with both wards a ton, they kinda stick to one, but we can't do anything without the members so we met with the ward mission leader from the ward that they have not worked with that much and turns out he has never met with the spanish elders and they are super excited to help us out, the support of a ward is exactly what we need, and we have two. That is so much Priesthood to help us, this will be a great experience having this much support, I'm very excited. Our area is GIANT so we should always have something to do.
 The southern accent is running rampant out here, I'm in a small country town 2 hours from Atlanta Cartersville). The good news is I get to go fishing now. Today we are going to a members who has a lake that we can go fishing in and I'm so excited its been so long!
 We spent most the week in the apartment, which happens to have this super cool feature....... COCKROACHES!!!! everywhere, they are planning on moving our apartment because its a complex problem, we are clean but our neighbors arent so they keep coming in, its super bad and super dirty, I hate them.
Merry Christmas Everyone hope its goes great!
Love Elder Charlesworth